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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. willowbrook
    I think a pair of spacers comes with the flc8s packaging with the tips
  2. Whaleshark12
    Since when FLC provide spacer @@ ? New packaging again? Mine surely does't comes with. 
  3. willowbrook
    Mine had spacers, little white tube washers. It was in the white bag that had all the tips including white and grey. I didn't know what it was at the time and just threw it away haha. I guess I very much regret that decision now.
  4. nmatheis Contributor
    Never heard of spacers coming with FLC8S
  5. willowbrook
    Can't take pictures since I no longer have them, however I am 100% sure that mine came with a pair. It's actually the same washers that @hakuzen has posted.
  6. nmatheis Contributor
  7. willowbrook
    Yep, it was bought during November IIRC.
  8. hakuzen

    nope. got silicone/rubber o-rings of many sizes to have spares for vape gear.
    these are silicon 7.8(OD)x5.6(ID)x1(T)mm o-rings:
    but you can also use these, just play with number and height to get the desired space.
    if OD is shorter than 7mm, they can sink into spiral dots hole when applying pressure on the tip.
  9. harry501501
  10. Flcforrestwei
    Dear Friends:

    We'll attend Canjam London on Aug 13~14, we'll be at 17~18 booth, welcome to listen to the Celeste.

    Whose want to be our guest, please PM your name to me today, we'll provide your name to organizer.

    Sorry for the late notice, this is the first time your attend Canjam, didn't pay attension to the issue.

    Best regards!
    leobigfield likes this.
  11. ezekiel77
    Attendees of London Canjam please share your listening impressions of the Celeste!
  12. willowbrook
    Make sure to take your Mojo and FLC8s with you!
  13. nmatheis Contributor

    Fantastic. Wish I was going!

    Will you be coming to RMAF in Denver, Forrest? I'll be there, she it would be great to meet you and try Celeste. If you're not going, send Celeste on over, and I'll let people give it a try!
  14. Flcforrestwei

    When RMAF will be held?
  15. nmatheis Contributor

    It's October 7 - 9, Forrest. Come join the party!
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