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Glasgow, Scotland
Operations Manager at large Students Union.

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500+ Head-Fier, Male, from Glasgow, Scotland

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    Glasgow, Scotland
    Operations Manager at large Students Union.
    Football, Celtic, Snooker
    Headphone Inventory:
    These are a list of earphones and headphones I have or sold.


    Sound Magic e10
    Hifi Man re 400
    Dunu Titan 1
    Fio EX1 (rebranding of the above)
    Trinity Audio Deltas
    MEE Pinnacle P1
    Dunu DN2000
    Havi Pro B3 1
    Dunu DN 1000s
    VE Monk Plus - Earbuds
    Xiaomi Piston 3
    HiSound Wooduo 2
    Aurisonics Kicker
    RHA M750
    RHA T20
    Yamah a EPH 100
    Xiamoi Piston 4 Hybrids
    Baldoor Earbell E100
    VJJB V1S
    HiSoundAudio Flamenco
    Fiio EM 3
    KZ ATE S
    KZ ATE (original)
    Tennmak Pro
    Senfer 4in1
    Ei8htball EX811
    Gran Vela Urbanfun
    KZ ATR
    KZ ZS1
    MusicMaker Maples
    KZ ZS3
    HLSX/Magaosi BK50
    RHA s500
    Fidue A73
    1more Triple Driver
    LZ A4
    Brainwavz M1
    AudioSense AS 20
    Memt X5
    Tennmak Turbo
    Pump Audio BOOM
    Brainwavz B150
    Brainwavz B200 (V1 and V2)
    Brainwavz 100
    Brainwavz B400
    iBasso it01
    TFZ Exclusive 5
    Botuo X8
    KZ ZS5
    E-MI CI880
    Rock Zircon
    Botuo X8
    Betron BS10
    Boaresman CX98
    Betron DNZ500
    SONY MDR-EX650
    LAFI Double Drivers
    Estron C610
    Betron B25
    QKZ QF2
    Zodic ET1101
    Zodic ET1102
    Final Audio e4000
    TRN V20
    OKCSC D3
    KZ ED9
    KZ ED16
    LASMEX E10
    KZ ZSN


    AKG K451
    Sony MDR 10RC
    Logitech UE6000
    Sony MDR 100AAP
    Grado SR80e
    AKG K550
    Sennheiser HD650
    Sennheiser HD25ii
    Soundmagic HP 100
    Creative Aurvana Live!
    Yamaha HPH200 open Ear
    Koss Portapro
    Superlux Evo 681
    Koss Ksc75
    Koss KTX Pro 1
    Sennheiser PX ii
    Betron HD1000
    Yamaha Mt220
    Sennheiser HD558
    Philips SPH9500
    KINDEN Open Back Wooden Cup
    Shure SRH840
    Sennheiser HD 202
    Philips Fidelio X1 Open Ear
    Meze Classics 99
    HiFiMan HE400s
    Thinksound ON2
    Denon ADH600
    1More H1707 Gold - Triple Driver
    PSB M4U1
    Neweer NW9000
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fiio e10k
    Topping NX2
    Cayin C5
    Cambridge DAC Magic XS V2
    iBasso d-zero mk2
    GeekOut 1000
    Sabaj Da3 DAC (favourite DAC. Also has balanced output + 3.5).
    SMSL T2
    FIIO A3
    Sabaj PHA2
    Source Inventory:
    Fiio X1
    iBasso DX90 (sold as overrated to me)
    Xduoo X3
    Music Preferences:
    Queen, Beatles, ELO, Elvis, Beautiful South, ABBA
    70, 80, 90s Pop
    Modern music which is catchy and well produced
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