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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. jimjims
    I haven't seen any threads about these yet...
    The FLC8 (and its update, the FLC8s) is an over ear Triple Driver IEM from FLC Technology. It is a newer 2015 release, and is seemingly unheard of by most.
    They feature a unique filter swap system that allows for 36 different configurations. 
    Price seems to fall between 300 - 350 USD.
    Specs: 3 Driver: Hybrid, dual BA + dynamic | Imp: 11Ω | Sens: 93 dB | Freq: 20-20k Hz | Cable: 3.9′ L-plug
    They have been positively reviewed by ljokerl here:  http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone_review/flc-technology-flc8/
  2. localredhead
    I just received mine from a massdrop deal today and began listening without doing anything to the tuning of the ports.  
    First and foremost - it came with a hardshell case vs. the soft case in Joker's review.  It's beefy and could be run over by a car I think without failing.
    Anyways - the sound is great!!!  I'm not disappointed at all in the purchase and I am really pleased with the bass response, instrument separation, and sound overall.
    I'm still auditioning them and my opinion is likely to change as they settle in a bit.  I'll check back in after they "burn in" to update my impressions.
    I think they have pretty good bass so far, which is what I was after.
  3. localredhead
    They came with the Gold nozzle filter installed, and Grey filters for the front and back were installed.
    I changed it to a Green nozzle filter, Red filter for more sub bass and a black filter for maximum bass.  I feel like the bass definitely became more punchy and tighter, but I feel like it was better with the stock configuration of Gold/grey/grey.
    I'll give it some more time with this setup and switch back.
  4. ForceMajeure
    There is a thread on a french forum, about 30 pages long, those IEM seems to be the next best deal under 1000$, only to be topped by CIEM.
    Even then its a matter of sound signature preferences according to the reviews.
    I really think those could be my next step until I got enough money to buy some K10 
  5. localredhead
    Ugh - the translation sucks on that but I guess I get the general opinion.  They are pretty damn good for the price.
    I just saw that LEAR released a CIEM with tunable ports like this.  I'm very curious to know how that CIEM sounds.
    I really want to know what others think about the plug configurations.  Right now I'm running Gold filter, Black bass, Red sub bass - like the Germany flag.  It seems to be a pretty good configuration but I'm still on the fence if it sounds better than what was default which is Gold, Grey Grey.
  6. ForceMajeure
    Are they sitting flush enough so I can side sleep with them?
    How is the isolation on them?
    Ps: From ~ page 25 in the french forum owners talk about their configuration
  7. Fabaaroan

    I think you can t sleep with it .
    For me the flc 8 gets out a little of my ear. But there are very comfortable to use . You don t feel it .
    For example I have the Oriolus and the size is bigger.

    The soundstage is very impressive for the price.
    The resolution is pretty good and you could change the sound with mix the sifferent pieces and choose the best for your ears (be careful the filter is very small)
    I use this combination gold red and grey (for the bass)

    Even I if there are impressive for the price I prefer my Oriolus (more resolution more coherence and more musicality)
  8. jimjims
    How is the build quality on the flc8s?
    All the images I look at make it look kinda like plain cheap black plastic. There are also very visible seams in the pictures.
  9. Fabaaroan
    The build quality seems corrects.
    Little too plastic but correct.
    the cable is awful but You could find other on the market.

    But the sound is pretty good and it will be a very good challenger.
  10. localredhead
    They do have visible seems but they don't look bad.  The finish of mine is decent looking, I would say better than the pictures I've seen so far online.
    I think overall they are made well.  I do dislike the cable, and I will be looking to replace it as soon as I can.
  11. DarkZenith
    FLC8 cable is very correct, you can deal with it. It's just a little bulky and stiff.
    Forrest Wei, CEO of FLC Technology wrote me once about it:

  12. all999
    Just Got them and after hour of listening i have to admit they're pretty damn good. But I'm Little bit confused about filters i got. Take a look at picture and please let me know what's in your set. Instead of one set of blue ones i have black.

  13. DarkZenith
    "Gun blue" = dark grey... I have the same grey "blue" nozzle.
    My favorite set so far and after several months, from basses to treble: red / clear / golden (ULF + / B - / M + / T =).
  14. localredhead
    I am really jealous your instructions are in english.  Mine must have come straight from the factory of origin with the default instructions.
  15. all999
    Thanks, Did You mention in french forum about new MF/HF filter developed by FLC? It would be nice to have more options here.
    My home stup now is - gray / clear / gun blue - black:)
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