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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. nmatheis Contributor
  2. Toto James
    @nmatheis it's an unreleased yet cable from Forza Audio Works called Pyre. With tf10 connectors. I had to force a little but it looks and feels solid.
  3. nmatheis Contributor
    Looks like a nice cable. I'm going to commission a more supple SPC cable from my man alpha421 in the near future.
  4. Longtime Lurker
    returned mine. cable is way too loud. sounds like i'm in a storm.
  5. Signal2Noise
    That's too bad, Imo, and many others here, the FLC8S' many sound possibilities alone is worth keeping the earpieces themselves and experiment with other cable solutions, if money isn't of a concern of course. I agree the stock cable is horrid but the monitors are fantastic with a more suitable option.
  6. nmatheis Contributor

    Good to remind people that came cable microphonics have been discussed extensively both in this thread and in reviews as have alternative cables, such as the older FLC8S cable. It's easy enough to purchase the older cable directly from Teo at LMUE when ordering your FLC8S, or you can purchase an aftermarket cable. At this level of performance and bang for your buck, purchasing an aftermarket cable that better fits your needs is a minor inconvenience IMHO. Just my two cents...
  7. willowbrook
    Returning it because the cable is bad is just too bad IMO. You can even replace it or ask for the old cable, the blue cable is not THAT microphonic, I've heard worse. The sound is very worth keeping, even with stock tips the mids are so good.
  8. audio123
    The sound is a must keep unless u have totl iems
  9. canali

    I'm lucky, I guess, as I have no issues w my blue cable...
    just looking forward to the spintips to improve fit and sound
    ....still dislike the memory wire.
  10. ezekiel77
    Here's a fun fact. My pal's TF10 cables gave up on him and I gave him the original FLC8 black cable as a replacement. Fits like a glove.
  11. willowbrook

    Waiting on spinfits too although since spinfits are not wide bore, it might not be as good as I expect.
  12. Namaskar

    Hmm, lots of negative comments re the noisy cable ... FLC are not the only IEMs with cable noise .... does not need to be such a big deal, considering the fantastic sound.
    I used the blue stock cable, now the black silver cable .. have bought a 3mm rubber washer from the hardware shop (the 2mm was too difficult to get across the plug) -- which makes an effective and cheap chin slider... microphonics reduced to a minimum. Love the flc !
    Koolpep and SerenaxD like this.
  13. audio123
    you can force your spinfit in i tried it b4
  14. hung031086
    Is spinfit better than spiral dot? Im using spiral dot right now.
    How much did you pay for the cable ? it looks really nice.
  15. Toto James
    @hung031086 it's not released yet, so i have no idea how much it will cost. An hybrid cable from Forza Audioworks is 150$ min.
    Worth the money, quality is awesome, and I said bye to microphonics :)
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