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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. Flcforrestwei

    Please contact LMUE, We ship some to them about two months ago.
  2. hakuzen
    i've tried back the stock tips after reading you; curiously, the medium grey seals a bit more than white one in my ears, don't know why (they seem to be same size and material). tried the smallest ones, no success (huge air leaking). kept a thin spacer (1mm) to reach a bit more deeper insertion. anyway, i keep the spirals in the flcs box, together with another pair of 1mm spacers, just in case.
  3. willowbrook

    I don't think the stock is designed for deep insertion, I think it would be considered as wide bore. It creates awesome seal though.
  4. nmatheis Contributor

    I get deeper insertion with small tips while maintaining a good seal. Not support deep, mind you but certainly not shallow like I would with larger tips.
  5. audio123

    yes uncomfortable but sound is good. after all comfort comes first!
  6. Namaskar
    I like the stock tips ... have found I needed to drop down a size to get a good fit... small stock tips ARE included, so no problems here ... sound is great, I tried a few different tips, later returned to the stock ones and now stick with them and the sound they contribute to...
  7. adraabi
    had never got a good seal and comfort with stock tips. spacer+ortofon tips  are my choice now :)
  8. istirsin

    Which one isolated better? I hear the Sirius' isolation is pretty bad because of the shallow insert
  9. willowbrook
    A picture of spinfit vs spiraldot vs orofon tips.[​IMG]

    Spiraldot and orofon are wide bore, spinfit slightly smaller bore, but the extra height of spinfit probably makes up for the spacers that other tips need.

    Bore comparison.
  10. willowbrook
    So I just got the spinfits. Oh man, due to better fit and seal, definitely better subbass and bass response. The gold filter was on the edge of becoming too sibilant for me with stock tips and these tips are really pushing it really to the edge due to deeper seal. However, I feel that mids, treble detail retrieval has somewhat increased due to deeper seal. Overall, there is not much difference between the stock tip and spinfits regarding imaging, soundstage. If you have trouble getting a proper fit (flc8s sticking out due to the stock tips not inserting deep enough), I would really recommend these. You might not be listening to the full capability of flc8s. For me, the stock small tips were a bit too big and small spinfits fit perfectly. The mediums are too big for me and the xsml are of course too small for me, these are for really young kids or babies I assume...^^
  11. willowbrook
    The red ULF filter literally rumbles with heavy subbass music haha [​IMG] My favorite config stays as grey, black, gold :)
  12. nmatheis Contributor
    I still haven't played with tips much, since the stock tips work well for me. I'm out of town right now without FLC8S, but I think I'll try Spinfit and Spiral Dot just to see what all the hullabaloo is about :wink:
  13. willowbrook
    I think I know why everyone is complaining about the cable...it is indeed horrible. Is it possible to get the plastic thing off that servers as the memory part.
  14. willowbrook
    So the left cable would not bend properly, got fed up and took the plastic off to reveal the cable. There is a long metal that is about the size of a paperclip that is glued to the inside of the plastic top end. Apparently mine chipped off due to a lot of moving and what not. Terrible implementation IMO. Anyway, so much better now.
  15. nmatheis Contributor
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