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FLC Technology FLC8 and FLC8s Impressions Thread

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  1. willowbrook
    Your wish is my command.
    I need to do some additional work on the right side haha. I only have a scissor with me right now.
  2. nmatheis Contributor
    Thanks, that was quick!

    Does it seem like the strain relief will be adequate?
  3. willowbrook
    No idea what strain relief is, but I just love the fact that I don't have to force the metal piece to stick to my ear every time I insert it. It justs automatically takes shape, also much lighter now. I had doubt it wouldn't be flexible enough, but it is. I don't see any chance of cable at the end tearing apart or breaking etc. It is soldered on pretty well. Touched up with my nail clipper and voila all done.
    I just didn't want to buy any aftermarket cable and wait for it to arrive and the left part was already broken, so why the hell not? ^^
  4. adraabi
    finally, got my aftermarket cable. it fits the socket very well, less microphonic than the stock cable.
  5. canali

    Looks pretty easy to do, removing that memory wire (pita)...I'm going to consider it, too.
  6. dlayman

    Based on the pics, it looks like it should be adequate, although not great. I must be one of the few who doesn't find the memory wire that bothersome. That said, I thin the original FLC8 cable is a better option. Just a simple basic nice sounding cheap cable.
  7. Whaleshark12
    That's a pretty fancy cable I have ever seen on the FLC! [​IMG] +50% Swag
  8. nmatheis Contributor
    Agree with dlayman about the old FLC8 cable. If ordering from LMUE, just ask Teo to add the old cable to your order. That way you've got a choice right from the beginning.
  9. LibiSC
    I stopped using the flc8 for 2 weeks i was on vacation... Then i started using them with red gray gold... Then i switched to gray and my ear is hurting now.... the air pressure got pretty high...im baffled
  10. canali
    for me, i prefer the red, black and gray in that order
    this combo has great sub and mid bass slam (right up there with my sony 7550 imo)
    but still has good detail...tried gold and too much sizzle.
    i  seldom play at high volumes (or for very long)..more like lower to near mid, as i like to keep my hearing
    one thing i wonder about:
    you can have the best iem around, but if the recording is subpar or if it was produced not to 
    have such details in certain areas (I love picking out the bass guitar to find its rhythm, and the kickdrum when i can),
    then it doesn't really matter....or am i wrong? not only can you not put lipstick on a pig (bad recording) but if the mix (creative decision)
    isn't designed to show the details you want, then nothing will really help.
  11. nmatheis Contributor
    canali: Yup, if you've got bad mastering, then all good iem will do is expose how crappy the recording is.
  12. canali
    i sometimes wonder if the recording source quality is as important--or maybe even more so--than the iems themselves.
  13. nmatheis Contributor

    Yup. Gotta have good recordings or else the money we spend building or rigs is kinda wasted, lol :p
  14. HiFiChris Contributor
    Crap in, crap out.
    If our IEMs/headphones are fed with clipped/noisy/distorted/massively compressed/badly mastered/mixed music files, the sound might actually be worse through some higher-end headphones than through low-end 'phones (relatively speaking - not when directly comparing both headphones directly as the better headphone might still sound better with bad recordings than the entry-level headphone with the same bad music, but the difference of playing good music vs. bad music on the higher-end headphone might be much more drastic than the difference of the lower-end headphone playing good records vs. the lower-end headphone playing badly mastered music).

    Though, there are some high-end headphones that have a tuning trick that makes them still quite tolerable and enjoyable with bad and older recordings: my LCD-X is such an example. Its somewhat recessed presence range masks the recordings' flaws quite well (to some extent) but good music does still sound very good through it. However, this also makes the headphone's mids warmer and the sound more laid-back and smoother/more "analogue"/"organic" and some people might find the vocals' overtones to be a little lacking.
  15. originalsnuffy
    Some iem units can be more forgiving of bad sources in my view. I never had issues with the flc 8s

    I thought stock tips were great with flc8s with my loaner pair. But spiral dots made the lz a2 come alive. When I order the flc I will try out the spirals

    When do these go on sale next? Might sell my FIIO x3 as partial payment. Mt old x3 paid for part of my Shanling

    I admit a certain fondness for the X3 ii

    Too many good toys
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