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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Well, that was my next point, you must be careful with volume levels using these IEMs.
    You can shell shock your ears fatigue wise if you turn them up loud for extended periods more so than regular IEMs.
    Very similar again to a loud live concert. [​IMG] 
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  2. ThickT
    So, I'm assuming that all of the asg line is tuned similarly to the bravo series? Very wide soundstage with a thick, detailed, albiet MONSTEROUS lower half and very little discernable upper mids and treble?

    No, I shouldn't say discernable. Better to say subdued upper mids and treble. It's there, like you can hear vocals and you can hear higher frequency instruments, it's just buried by the subbass, midbass,upper bass and lower mids.

    Ultimately I could not grow to love the sound of my forte enough to keep them. In my opinion, the dunu DN1000 gives a much better performance overall.

    All things considered, aren't the bravo line supposed to be stage monitors for musicians? And aren't some of them( I know the kicker was, not sure about the forte) supposed to be tuned for bass players? Mabey that's the reason why I'm not getting enjoyment from these if I'm attempting to use them for full spectrum audio playback.... I would imagine a bass player would probably VERY MUCH enjoy them while on stage.
  3. destrozer
    with the exception being ASG1-Plus. Those are pretty well balanced.
  4. Antihippy

    The harmony has a fairly prominent and sparkly upper mid and treble.

    The asg line with the exception of the 1plus is like that. Being for musicians isn't necessarily being for audiophiles though. Neutral isn't really what's needed on stage when you need to monitor things like the rhythm section which is where the bass comes in.

    If anything the dn1000 would make bad stage monitors because the treble would be fatiguing for prolonged on stage use.
  5. ThickT
    Agreed. That's what I was saying, that given the target, I can't really fault the forte.
  6. ThickT

    Hmm....I never knew that. Good to know.
  7. Jackpot77

    The 1Plus use the "other" Aurisonics house tuning they used for the Rockets (and the Eva, to an extent) - beautiful mids, clear highs and bass that is there when you need it. The 1Plus does have the benefit of that huge 14.2mm driver to push out some great low end when it has to, but otherwise it's quite a light and almost neutral sound. Great pair of IEMs.
  8. oldmate
    I knew I did the right thing by cancelling my order for the Forte and going with the tried and true DN1K. Gut feeling usually pays off. The cable on my new Dunu's is much more supple than the 1st gen I owned. Glas I have them back and even happier I saved $230.00.
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor
    ASG-2 for the record are completely opposite of my natural preferences, this makes things entirely interesting for me.
    All my other IEMs lean towards a more vibrant cleaner sound. I have owned DN-1000 twice, they're exactly where I like my preferences also. But the ASG-2 have a strange effect on me, their feral thickness and warmth is so out of my area 'its correct' if that makes sense.  There are times after switching over I find them relatively veiled thinking 'this is not me at all'. Give it some to adjust they clear up and I switch to: "I am never selling these"
    Another reason I'm fond of them is because for those times I want to listen at my preference zone I own other IEMs for that. I have heard ASG-1.2 (one of those models) and found it one of my most unliked IEMs, I even questioned their previous owner if they'd gone through the washing machine, seriously.
  10. Antihippy
    Though going by the way the dunus is talked about here in not sure if the d1000 is for me. :p

    Don't think I can take emphasized upper mids and treble anymore. Even the harmony can get a little edgy at certain frequencies, not by much mind you. The hd600 is my reference of how upper mids and treble should be tuned.
  11. jmills8
    Well I had pretty much every top ciem that one can buy and had or demoed every top universal and Im satisfied with the 2.5 and Harmony. I ordered a custom 2.5 and thats the last custom iem Ill buy.
  12. ozziecook
    I’m sceptical of attempts to describe any IEM in terms of absolutes. I know it’s common policy on Head-fi to compare and define forward frequency areas, strengths and weaknesses but it can be fallacious and misleading.
    Quite apart from the factors of fit/depth of insertion, tip types, length of burn in, age/quality of hearing there are the variables of pairing/synergy of the specific IEM with source and amp. All these combined mean it’s very difficult to assign a specific quality to an IEM above another.
    In asking a question about the ASG line, you make a presumption about the Bravo series that I’m not sure I agree with. The Harmony does not have subdued upper mids and treble. As others have said, it’s pretty bright in those areas.
    Yes they’re generally accepted to have a signature that’s on the dark side, strong, deep bass etc. But no frequency is ‘buried’ to my ears…not in the way I wear and play them, at least. Interesting to note that when I put ML spiral dots on (I prefer complys) the notes were thinner, more distant and the bass was noticeably light. So much for defining a signature, eh! (sure the larger spiral dots may suit me better but my point still holds).
    The great news is that with my P1 I can adjust the EQ to tones that I prefer anyway. And, like jmills, Harmony has become my go to earphones.
    The soundstage is awesome, the imaging is wonderfully defined and the warmth, if you like warmth, is a true thing of beauty. Warmth without sacrificing detail and extended treble and highs. It has a nice nostalgic analogue feeling to me. Interesting too, that my Harmony’s haven’t always sounded as good as this. For some reason.
    If you prefer brighter or analytical iems or you are some kind of aspiring audiophile…then you may want to look elsewhere. But for me, sheer pleasure right now.
    Just my take of course [​IMG]
  13. jmills8
    I totally agree with everything you said and I will add is that buying the Harmony was a steal. I mean I can honestly say I didnt have to over spend , I actually got a lot more than what I paid and thats a win.
  14. Antihippy
    We're talking about 2 different iems in the end though. The forte isn't quite the same as the harmony.
  15. jmills8
    I nor Oz said they were the same. I will say they have a lot of similarities.
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