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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. leafwise
    But, how does it sound? Relative to a non-colored source, ideally. And are you running 2s or 2.5s?
    I can imagine that bass boost from the 5 @ +18dB and fully open bass ports on a AS/ASG2 very well may induce vomiting for those unprepared for it...
    (...totally want to try this, of course)
  2. leafwise
    Great post-- RIP Freddy =(
  3. jmills8
    with a Silver cable it sounds detailed, thunderous bass, clear and a tad extended treble plus a wider sound stage.
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor

    You mean the mod?

    It sounds very similar to a regular ASG-2, same Aurisonics house sound, same timbre, just with less veil, a touch more vibrant from the mid-range upwards. And for those thinking 'that must really screw up the treble' it doesn't. If you've ever heard your ASG thinking gosh, man.. I wish they were just a little bit clearer this accomplishes that task. I've used mine for probably 8 months like this.

    I'm not about to tell everyone to go do it though.

    Edit: Worked out your post wasn't for me (I'm on my phone). I'll leave it anyway.
  5. leafwise
    I apologize, I was directing the question to jmills8 and any other with experience with a bass heavy amp paired with 2s or 2.5s-- you explained quite well what's up with the mod.

    Much respect~
  6. warrior1975
    Cayin C5, bass boost on. Wonderful together. Also, Ray Samuel's predator, nice pairing as well.

    Bottom line if you are a basshead, asg is hard not to love, with just about any amp.
  7. Koolpep

    I have both these amps and totally endorse the above statement. :D
    warrior1975 likes this.
  8. ozziecook
    Harmony + P1 + Cayin c5 + Steven Wilson = OMG!
  9. jmills8
    I bet you can hear and feel the bass, details and sound stage.
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I would dare say that while Aurisonics ASG-2 is less accurate than some IEM's it has an uncanny way of making this work to its advantage.

    Its one IEM you can turn up the volume and feel the impression of either 1) a live concert, 2) a nightclub in full force late on a Saturday night. The outcome will depend on the genre you listen to.

    It's not ballerina precision dancing accurate like my 1Plus2 for example, but it's able to build a very strong foundation throughout the bass and mids which starts to form 'thick walls' of music.

    Another way to look at it would be imagine a huge fierce giant standing before you (like you see in fairytale books etc). But when he opens his mouth to yell/scream at you music comes out. :D

    That's what the ASG sound like at high volumes.
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  11. ThickT
    Sounds like the asg 2 is tuned similarly to the forte.
  12. ajaxender
    Seems like its an Aurisonics thing. Put some distorted rock on the Harmony and its very much like a live concert with two big stacks of speakers blaring out guitar 'noise' on either side and solid, visceral bass beneath in the center, while the vocals just manage to float over top. 
    H20Fidelity and jmills8 like this.
  13. jmills8
    Yep, I like that.
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor
    If Darth Vadar owned IEMs, he would presumably own 2.0 or 2.5. Stealth black of course.
    jmills8 likes this.
  15. jmills8
    massive soubd and ear drums will receive a beating.
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