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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. ThickT
    Ugh, sorry guys. Ozziecook, no hard feelings. I've already sent the forte back to Amazon a few days ago.

    I hope to try the Harmony one day. Anyone here have any expirence with im04 or Sony Z5?
  2. Antihippy
    Nah, don't feel bad about giving your own opinion. Glad you gave it a try.

    The im02 would fit your preferences more if I'm reading your tastes right.
  3. eke2k6
    The forte, if I remember correctly, is the darkest of the entire line by a good margin, similar to the ASG-1.5 vs the 1Plus, Rockets, and 2.5.
    The ASG-2.5 has better treble than the likes of the Tralucent Ref1, FitEar 334, and a few others. It may be worth it to do additional research before plunking down a huge amount of cash.
  4. Antihippy
    The fitear 334's treble was never anything to write home about.

    Gorgeous mids and imaging though. Some of the best I've heard. Pity about the treble and bass, especially at that price.
  5. leafwise
    Respectfully, I submit that the Kicker is the warmest of the Bravo series (due to its tuning and abcense of boosts to the mid/high range via BAs).

    I've listened to the Z5 and liked it very much, but preferred the 2.5. The Sony house sound is in full effect with the Z5 (I paired mine with the ZX2), and the fit was pleasant but inferior again to the pseudo-custom housing of the ASG. I would say the most Z5-like of the Aurisomics offerings may be the Harmony, but the 2.5 is in another league altogether with how visceral it is while retaining detail in the mids and highs with the correct source/amp/etc/etc.

    Hope this helped-- much respect^^
  6. ThickT
    Cool. I appreciate the z5 impressions. I already have the im01, I'm trying to go for broke here and make my next purchase my last. Perhaps campfire Orion?
  7. oldmate
    I have read a lot of positives re the ASG-2 and 2.5 but the tight ass in me refuses to buy it even though I think the bass would leave a permanent grin on my face.
    In addition I have moved to a new house with a man cave and now able to use my old but quite decent home theatre setup. I ordered the DUNU's prior to setting it up. I'm now finding I am listening to my speakers more than my headphones. This novelty will wear off I assume and I will return to headphones but right now I find headphones superfluous which surprised the hell out of me. I still use them in bed but for this I use a Nano and Bose Soundlink Bluetooth which btw sounds quite ok. My serious DAP's and headphones might gather some cobwebs. 
  8. leafwise
    You seriously cannot go wrong with a ASG 2.5 unless they simply don't fit you or you don't like bass. They simply are an aural experience that is unmatched (so far) in the world of IEMs. DO EET.
  9. leafwise
    ...Especially when you can find nice used pairs inexpensively. 2.5 is my endgame, no doubt-- may it be yours, too =)
  10. leafwise
    The new offering from Woo Audio makes me wonder about a pure-tube and 2.5 pairing...
  11. Antihippy

    If you want the Orion though you might want the Jupiter at some point.
  12. oddidude
    After a small defect with the nozzle on my Kickers, I've sent them back for a refund. I lost too many tips to justify the long term price. I hope others have better luck with them. They were great sounding and it's a shame I have to send them back :frowning2:

    I would definitely recommend the Fender equivalent to anyone in the market for a decently priced and warm sounding IEM though :)
  13. ThickT
    What kind of problem were you having with the nozzle?
  14. oddidude

    I think the nozzle was made too small for the ear tips as they kept falling off so I lost quite a few pairs
  15. jmills8
    Or the tips were too big.
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