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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. Antihippy
    Isn't the fxa6pro said to be tuned more inline with the 1plus though?
  2. destrozer
    I can second this because I spoke to cherns about it
  3. Jackpot77
    My impressions of the missing stepchild of the Bravo series, the Eva:


    As always, any comments or feedback welcome.
  4. leafwise
    Solid review, and I agree with most points. I was disappointed with the Eva sound after having heard the 'heavier' AS models, and I agree that they fall behind Rockets in overall presentation as well as durability-- making the Eva a 'no-buy' and the only model I didn't like from the team in TN.
    The blue is nice, though!
  5. Jackpot77

    Thanks - I must admit, while the sound can be good for certain genres, once you have heard the Rockets and some of the ASG series, it does suffer a bit in comparison. Shame, as the blue is probably my favourite AS shell colour to date!

    Ah well,got the Fortes up next. Should be a bit different! :wink:
  6. ThickT
    I received the forte today. Been listening to them practically all day long. Upon first listen, I was actually surprised by the soft nature of the treble. The mids were also kinda weird.

    With all new iems, it takes a bit of getting accustomed to its unique sound. Now that I've been listening to them for a good 6-8 hrs, I can enjoy them quite a bit.

    The mids, while clear and completely free of bass bleed, aren't very lively. Down tuned guitars do have a nice presence, but vocals in general seem to be a bit quiet.

    Treble is interesting so far. On the whole, I would call it laid back or soft in the treble, but the forte is really good at projecting higher frequency sonic que's far and wide. Things like hi hats and symbols, other jingley things and synth leads can seem to be endless in spatial width and height.

    I haven't mentioned the bass yet, but I will just summarize by saying I really like the bass. It's very authoritative in its nature and it's very well defined. As I said before bass bleed into the mids is literally non existent to my ears. Pairing these with my fiio E11 with bass boost on max was instantly reminiscent of my old Sony Xb90ex, only with better mids and treble.

    Comfort is quite good. My ears did start to get sore after about the 6 hr mark, but I think any earphone would cause just as much soreness if not more so. These are comfortable enough that I forgot I was wearing them.

    The fit is really nice, but they are quite large compared to most other universal iems. I try to wear them with the upper part of the housing flush with the upper areas of my ear, but what I end up with is the tip of the earpiece shoved far inside, thus making the upper part of the earpiece stick out away from the upper areas of my ear and not sit flush against it. That is my only complaint, otherwise the seal and isolation are easily the best I've ever experienced.

    The new improved mmxc connectors feel solid. They swivel 360° now with zero friction. It seems to be a nicely thought out approach to the mmxc of yesteryear.

    Overall I'm enjoying the forte a lot. The bass is 10/10 for me. The mids are beautiful, just a bit quiet and the treble is skillful with its placement of subtleties even though I hear it as a bit laid back.

    I would love to compare this 1x1 hybrid against a quad ba array. Like the noble 4 or ath im04.
  7. jmills8
    You give the bass 10/10 but leave the Mids and treble with a huge question mark. Also how would you rate the Forte ?
  8. Jackpot77

    Nice review. I'm really looking forward to mine turning up in a couple of weeks so I can see how the BA tuning and bass stacks up against the 2.5 or 1Plus. Would you say the treble its mor laid back than other Aurisonics iems you have heard?
  9. ThickT
    Sorry, I didn't mean to leave the mids and treble scoreless.

    As I've only had them 1 day, I will reserve judgement of the mids and treble for a later day. The bass was just that polarizing that I could easily call it this early.

    I've only heard the rockets and I would say the mids and treble on the rockets seem to be easily more present and engaging than that of the forte, but again I've only had the forte for 1 day
  10. ThickT
    Listening on the LG V10 with the hifi DAC enabled.(sabre ES9028 DAC & sabre9602 amplifier)

    Didn't have much luck using any sort of silicone tips with these. Had to go the foam route, witch I know, could be causing some of the soft treble, but honestly I don't think it's a big factor. 20160309_013722.jpg
    jmills8 likes this.
  11. Jackpot77

    Nice colour on the foams. If you have them, Spinfits work really well on the ASG series and the Eva in terms opening up the sound a little so might be worth a try if you are still playing around with the tips.
  12. Antihippy
    I think you nailed what I thought when I compared the forte with the harmony during the auditions. In comparison the harmony was more lively in the mids and treble.

    I kind of felt it was an in between of the darkly lush asg 2.5 and harmony.
  13. ThickT
    I've got some rather unsavory news. Side by side comparisons with dunu dn1k and my RHA T10i have confirmed these forte are not for me. I'm getting very little in the way of mids and treble and it becomes glaringly obvious when compared to other iems.

    While I understand the Dn1k is somewhat considered lively in the treble and may be akin to comparing apples to oranges, the t10 has been primarily deemed a bassy affair by most with some saying they used the treble filter exclusively, and yet they even manage to paint the forte very smoothed over from the middle up.

    Looks like I will be returning these to Amazon. I'm very reluctant add they fit great, look incredible and do sound nice, but I couldn't use them exclusively being as shy sounding as they are.

    Big bass, excitable bass, detailed and well behaved bass, but mids and treble are very soft to my ears.
  14. Antihippy
    If you have the chance give the harmony a listen. They fix the complaints you have with the forte while retaining that amazing bass. The treble doesn't run as hot the dunus while being fairly prominent, which I largely view as a positive.
  15. jmills8
    All played on what? Plus the DD needs some burn in.
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