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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. ThickT
    Please refer to my previous post as to my source used.

    I find your notion of having a somehow inferior or inept source absurd. Call me cynical, but I highly doubt a source could take this signature from being this dark to being miraculously lively. To each their own.

    As to the burn in, yeah it may change for the better given some time, but again, I don't see enough change being physically possible. It's just a dark Sig.

    Honestly, it's got a nice sound. I know it's tough to express discontontent about a product without coming off aggressive or dowright blasphemous, and that's not at all what I'm trying to do here. Simply put, it's a very nice piece of kit. I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who will call it a "bad" sounding IEM. It's just too dark for me.
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  2. SLCanhead
    Thank you for your honest assessment and follow up comments. I will say that I have found some things to get better after setting them aside and coming back to them a few times. But, if it's definitely not in the ballpark for you from the start, then the Forte might not be for you. 
    Head-fi'ers need these types of reviews (referring back to your previous comments), along with the positive ones, to help the community make informed decisions. 
    Sorry to hear they aren't working out. It's frustrating to have high hopes, invest the money, then find it's not for you. 
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  3. ThickT
    Thank you very much SLCanhead.

    The forte was my most expensive iem related purchase to date and it wasn't easy to commit to either. $400 to me, is venturing into some "am I crazy??" Territory.

    I agree with you about "rediscovering" things you've sat aside for a few days. I've done that a few times myself. I think highly enough of aurisonics, that I'm definitely going to give these forte a few more listens to make sure they aren't for me.

    Im hoping to aquire a set of noble 3 or 4 Universals. Mabey they will be more to my liking. Either those or ue900 or ath im03 or 04.

    Anyone here try the campfire Orion?
  4. Antihippy
    The Lyra was more to my taste honestly.
  5. Koolpep

    UE900s - if you like anything close to aurisonics - you won't like these.
  6. SLCanhead
    Agreed that $400 for most people not already fully immersed in this hobby is quite a bit of money to spend. I felt a bit tight in the gut when I purchased my ASG-1plus and Mojo - yet with the understanding that others spend quite a bit more.
    What type of music is your main musical genre of interest? Do you focus on certain genres, or are you truly all over the board? I may have missed this info in a previous post. I don't necessarily have a specific IEM in mind, but others may be able to help based on your musical preferences, along with the fact that the Forte doesn't work for you. You may want to post in the Noble and/or AT threads, if what you are looking for hasn't been posted already - maybe stating the obvious, but covering the bases. 
    I previously asked a reputable Head-fi'er about the Orions and he said that they are a bit lean sounding (and I believe others have said bass-light) and aren't the best as an all-arounder. Maybe better for jazz and classical. Others may have a different take, so I would read the Campfire threads (assuming you haven't already.)
  7. ThickT

    What was the Orion's signature? Flat-ish?
  8. ThickT

    Ive been known to enjoy both V shaped signatures as well as a properly done(rockets) mid centric signature. I want my next iem purchase to be my last, so I would really like a universal custom look/design. Im also looking to try out some quad BA sets.
  9. ThickT
    Some favorites of mine include audeo pfe 132, dunu 1k, rockets, t10i...
  10. Vaughn
    Bought some Harmonies recently and love the sound but...

    I'm getting intermittent sound in one (somtimes both) ear. Is this a common problem?
  11. jmills8
    did you change cables?
  12. Vaughn
    Stock cable
  13. Koolpep

    unplug cable - use OX-it or just give the connectors a small rub and replug.
    It's a connection issue with the MMCX cable.
    Ultimate Ears has put that into their retail boxes of their UE900s with the same connectors. 
  14. Vaughn
  15. thejammonster

    Have you tried the Kicker? It may seem counterintuitive because they don't have a BA, but I thought they were very similar to the T10. I agree with your thoughts on the Forte and I think the Harmony would clear up the darkness.
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