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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. thejammonster
    Yes this was an estimate, so I'm not expecting them on an exact date. I've got 2 pairs of ASG-2.5s to keep me occupied until then.
  2. PsiCore
    What do you mean with "tamed"? I though the Harmony's have more high presence than the 2.5?
  3. jmills8
    tamer bass,The Harmony has a lot of bass but its more refine.
  4. Barndoor
    I interpreted it as the bass being tamed.
  5. jmills8
    Tame compared to the 2.5? Yeah every iem is. The Harmony has more bass than the:Layla, K10 , Z5 , Kicker, Dita, Velvet , and 846.
  6. Barndoor
    My Spiral dots arrived yesterday. Fit and isolate nicely plus more comfortable than comply.
  7. PsiCore
    Wow, really? I guess the Forte has the same amount of bass as Harmony, but less highs? If not, still more then Velvet and 846?
  8. jmills8
  9. leafwise
    Tame in regards to bass-- polished in regards to higher frequencies. Apologies for any misunderstandings :pray_tone2:
  10. peter123
    Hi guys, my take on the ASG-1PLUS:
  11. eke2k6
    Would anybody be interested in lending me the ASG-1Plus for a few days? I'm curious to hear how it stacks up to my Rockets. Thanks in advance!
  12. diddy808
    Is ineargear selling the new fender line now?
  13. Jackpot77

    Just had a look at their site and they have the below wording on their Forte/FXA6pro page:

    "Aurisonics will change the logo on the Forte to Fender sometime around middle of March. Same Product - different logo."

    Photos and write up are of the "current" AS Forte. On the FXA7 page, they do have product shots of the new packaging and cases tho - if they are an authorised dealer, perhaps they have some pre-order stock?
  14. diddy808
    Rajah that, the Forte/FXA6pro I think is next on my list. The polished black would be a nice pick up.
  15. Jackpot77

    They do look sharp. Got some Fortes coming from eBay in a few weeks to listen to so once I have sold my Rockets and Eva, the FXA7 is next on my wish list on my Fender/Sonics odyssey.

    Anyone heard the BA only model at one of the trade shows yet?
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