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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. ThickT
  2. ThickT

    It's been reported once before that I recall.
  3. ThickT

    I have not tried it. I was actually dead set on purchasing the kicker for weeks, then when it came time I thought "I'll pay the extra and get the bigger brother" they say always go with your initial decision.... If the kicker sounds like the t10, I would be happy with it. I would love to hear the Harmony, but I can't afford to try it.
  4. Antihippy

    If you have that problem I'd suggest exchanging it through warranty. Mmcx is finicky that way.
  5. leafwise
    IMO, the Kickers are the best of the Bravo series. The price:performance ratio seals the already sweet sounding deal. I don't know anyone who has them and regrets their purchase, even at MSRP.
  6. Therealdoug
    I also have the same issue, but just in the right ear piece. I noticed it on the first day I got them. Doesn't happen that often; I'd say I notice it once every few days.
    I think this is a common problem with MMCX connectors in general. Have a search through the SE846 thread: seem to be quite a few people with issues.
  7. maniac2003
    Hopefully they'll change the connector to 2-pin in the future. Rock solid thus far for me. One of my MMCX cables for my UE 900 failed after couple months of use.
  8. diddy808
    I picked up the Kickers from the hifiheadphones sale. I kinda wish I got the forte's instead. Only because it was about the same price as the kickers regular price during the sale.
  9. Blommen
    I got the Forte and I am very satisfied with the sound. Deep bass and pretty good highs, although not too resolving. Great sense of space and pretty good soundstage. Now the fit for me is not good. First of all the memory wire was so annoying I had to cut it off, and I ruined the cable:frowning2: And I haven't found the right tips yet, foam tips are great but ruins the point of a uiem for me(quick insert). Spinfits ruins the bass for me but opens up the stage so whatever you want most will be up to you. But yeah, generally the fit is not good for me. I am waiting on a new cable and then I will decide if I will keep it.
  10. diddy808
    Blommen I've been using JVC spiral dots with good results from my kickers.
  11. Blommen
    I will, thanks :) There are also Sony hybrids I hear... But still man, the struggle is real, spending like 50$ trying to find tips :mad:
  12. Antihippy
    Yeah, I'll endorse spiral dots also. I prefer spinfits in most cases but spiral dots fits it the best.
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  13. destrozer
    For me the problem was that the core/bore of the spinfits were too long. Shorten them with a snip and you'll have a much easier time getting them to fit your ears. That's if you have small ears like me. :wink:
  14. leafwise
    The truest sound from the Kickers can be obtained with the JVCs (IMO). Get the right size, and don't look back... dots rock!
    For reference, I use a ML right earpiece and a M left. I didn't know they made the middle sizes until @Dopaminer helped me out with the sizing, but now I finally have a good seal with the Spiral Dots.
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  15. ThickT
    Giving the Forte's another go...... I know exactly what this earphone is. It's a way beastly ultra high upgraded xb90ex. That's exactly what I'm hearing from it. Am I beginning to develop a new respect for this forte? Only time will tell.....
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