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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. Naitim
    Sounds very promising but I'm scared it might just be too much bass. I've never had a proper basshead IEM/HP before, so I'm not sure what to expect. The closest thing is the Fidelio X2 which is bassy but it feels like it still lacks that oomph. However, I did find the SE846 to be very disappointed when I demoed it. It was not significantly better than my SE535 except in bass heavy songs yet people say it's like they put a subwoofer in it. I also found the DN-1000's bass to be disappointing, it was tight but I felt like even my SE535 had a bit more punch and texture.
    I have to say the Forte is still at the top of my list but the IE800 is now behind the 2.5 in my considerations. For the majority of the time, I intend to listen to my new IEMs unamped and I hear the Bravo series is superior in this situation and if I buy the 2.5 I will not be able to afford a new DAP/phone which is mainly why I am considering the Forte so heavily.

  2. jmills8
    IE800 is nice but very hard to take outside due to the worst cable and bad fit. The cable is short and pushes onto my throat. The ear piece tends to fall out and not seal that great.
  3. Antihippy
    Bass impact and quantity wise I'd say 2.5 bass ports at 1/4 to full open > Harmony > 2.5 bass ports closed.
    So yeah, 2.5 has a scaleability just due to the port design. However, I feel that the Harmony's bass quality is better than the 2.5 with ports opened.
    Never heard the 535 so I can't comment on that. I don't like the 846 though honestly. There is bass and sub bass quantity but there is a lack of impact and it lacks proper natural decay for it to sound natural to me.
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  4. mikaveli06
    While the 2.5 scales well with amping, i dont see it as a necessity. It was driven well from my galaxy 4 phone and clip± was plenty of power
  5. tienbasse
    I can help you there.
    SE535 made me discover the joy of forward mids with excellent clarity. However they lack bass punch.
    Then I discovered the ASG1, then ASG2. Made me love good mids like SE535, but with copious amounts of true bass like no BA could ever produce. Would it be too much bass for you ? From what you say, probably, especially ASG2 with their bump in the higher part of bass.
    Now we come to ASG2.5. Definitely more balanced than ASG2, probably the first IEMs I had where I did not feel like using EQ at all, with the bass ports closed. Mids are less forward than your SE535 but still retain very good presence and clarity. Treble sound less rolled-off than on SE535 (unless you use alternate dampeners and a silver cable on your SE535, which would help a lot).
    Bass level is generous with the ports closed on the 2.5, but nowhere near the ASG2. You'd have to open ports about 1/4 to reach the same level of bass that mainly bassheads would love.
    Overall I find ASG2.5 to be quite balanced, with a very natural sound from top  to bottom, and very good instrument separation. Soundstage is good without reaching the level of IE800 (which I personnally dislike, it feels too far from the action). I can wear them for 10 hours in a plane without any fatigue (physical or musical), and they isolate very well.
    You can't really go wrong with ASG2.5, they're made to please most crowds, unlike their ASG ancestors.
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  6. mikaveli06
    So gave in and purchased Harmony. Cant wait.
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  7. Jackpot77
    Just getting to grips with my new ASG 2.5 for a long term bass port setting - for any lovers of great 70s rock style bass lines, the below sounds absolutely fantastic through them:


    I've never described myself as a basshead (my preference generally lies just a little north of neutral), but the sheer quality of the bass produced by the 2.5s is making me pump it up a little more each time I listen. Fantastic set of IEMs.
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  8. Koolpep

    Indeed - sounds lovely with the 2.5. Just tried it as well with the PM-3 balanced on the Cavalli Liquid Carbon - very nice indeed.
  9. ozziecook
    Just curious...would anyone with Harmony say it has a slight v-shaped signature, U shaped...or mid centric?
  10. jmills8
    not mid centric but more like slight U shape.
  11. Antihippy
    U for sure, if only for the lower/sub bass.
  12. jmills8
    Yeah and if the track has no bass then the Harmony is flat. So it can produce bass and if bass is called for the Harmony can provide it. Same with treble, if the track has lots of treble then the Harmony can be U shape. If no treble then flat again.
  13. Sound Eq
    after i messed my bass dial i sent my asg 2.5 back to fender, after they recieved it Andy thanks to him agreed to fix it that was more than a week ago and he told me once they fix it they will send it back, its been more than a week since andy's reply after that I did not hear back from Andy although I sent him 2 emails, any advise

    I am sure i am in safe hands with andy, but i do not know why he is not responding anymore
  14. jmills8
    He is busy cause I have been emailing him about a custom 2.5. The custom has an Ambiant port plus a bass port which is located not at the face plate and it turns differently than the unuversal 2.5.
  15. Sound Eq
    an ambiant port what will this do to the sound sig
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