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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. Antihippy
    The solar is a good deal more expensive though. :p

    Definitely one of the iems I want to try one day.
  2. Jackpot77

    Sounds awesome. What was the sound sig and likely pricing on the FXA2? Is that the all-BA model?
  3. jmills8
    I live its bass even when certain songs brings out the Harmonys bass canon. The solar us great but different. Ideal to have all three!
  4. Antihippy
    Sounds like a good line up actually. The "fun" one, the neutral one, and the great budget one.

    Really hope that they have something down the line that replaces the 2.5 though.
    jmills8 likes this.
  5. jmills8
    If they made the 2.5 as a floor standing speaker system it would look something like this.
  6. Valens7
    @destrozer: Interesting! Based on that rundown, I'm certainly curious to give the Fender IEHs a listen. I know it's a tedious question, but did the rep give you an idea as to when the new line might be available?
  7. ozziecook
    Yep the Solar really is fun - but I wouldn't say the Harmony is neutral :wink:

    No seriously...if you mean Solar is neutral...it's not. It's slightly warm, slightly v-shaped...and hits hard...with sparkling treble. Sound familiar?
  8. Antihippy
    I meant the new fender lineup. The FXA7 being the new harmony, the FXA6 being the new asg1plus and the FXA2 being the great budget.
  9. destrozer

    So sorry, but we didn't discuss that. It was quite a busy canjam! I had so many stops I wanted to make. What I can say is that the mids Aurisonics are always known for is still there! So don't worry about them losing their fantastic mids.
  10. Naitim
     I'm looking for something to complement my HD800 and currently considering Forte for $449 or Harmony for $599 or IE800 for $738 or ASG2.5 Nickel for $790. Currently heavily leaning to Forte with the IE800 being a close second because I will have a much easier time reselling it if I don't like it. I mainly listen to EDM but I like my vocals so I seriously dislike heavy V-shaped sound signatures(Mild V shape is tolerable), my most disliked IEM is the Momentum IEM.
    What would be my best choice? I actually really like my SE535 but it's just too far behind my HD800 so I need to change to something that is either TOTL or has a significantly different sound signature.
  11. Antihippy
    2.5 is about as far away from the hd800 as you can get. I'd call it dark but with enough treble extension that the detail is still there, it's just lower in volume. Rich and thick, and bass that can go insanely overpowering if you open it up. Definitely not a v-shaped.

    Harmony I would call it U shape. Good bump in the lower sub bass, good extension in the treble and slight sparkle in the upper mids but the mids still come through beautifully.
  12. Naitim
    I like the 2.5 but I am unsure if it is worth the significant price increase over the forte and harmony and even the IE800.
  13. jmills8
    there are things the 2.5 can do better than any other iem.
    gikigill likes this.
  14. gikigill

    At any price I might add.
    The sheer walloping it can deliver is a thing of beauty.
    jmills8 likes this.
  15. Antihippy
    Different beasts altogether really.
    For EDM I'd still prefer the harmony for the extra sparkle you get but boy, the "subwoofer in your ear" sound of the 2.5 is pretty fun.
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