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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. oldmate
    Still waiting for my Forte's - strange there is not one review of them anywhere - makes me nervous. [​IMG]
  2. SteveHiFi
    PM me if you got them from us, I can get some tracking info to you (perhaps not until Monday if you're in Oz and have gone to bed now)..
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Have you heard an Aurisonics IEM before, oldmate?
  4. viper2377

    Google it;

  5. Jackpot77
    DHL have just made my weekend and delivered some shiny 2.5s four days early. I know what I'll be listening to this weekend!
    peter123 likes this.
  6. oldmate
    That is not a review. Just a retailers opinion.
  7. oldmate
    No, my 1st. Ordered sight and sound unseen due to being discounted at Addicted To Audio. Was going to grab the DN1K's again or maybe the 2000J's  but found myself on this thread and got excited and pressed the order now button.[​IMG]
  8. oldmate
    Sorry mate - did not order from you - missed those huge discounts you were offering. Moving house so had to delay the shipment due to the PayPal rule about shipping to confirmed addresses.
    Will keep a closer eye on your specials though.
  9. gikigill
    Another ASG 1.5 from Hifi on the way to Oz after getting the 2.5 from them. Can hardly wait for more of that sweet bass.

    The Kicker looks mighty tempting too.
  10. oldmate
    Kicker is $299.00 @ A2A ATM with free express shipping.
    Harmony, Forte, Kicker and Eva all on special atm.
    I try to go local when prices are competitive which is rare mind you in Oz for warranty piece of mind.
    Mind you those 2.5's from HiFi are tempting.
  11. gikigill
    I was tossing up between the 1.5 and the Kicker but the 14.2mm driver swung the vote in the 1.5 favour. It might be the last time we have access to that bass monster.
  12. oldmate
    I'm not yet convinced that the bigger the dynamic driver the bigger the bass however there is no doubting the reputation of that particular driver.
    I guess there will be no decent review on the Harmony Forte as it's basically EOL and replaced by the re-tuned Fender equivalent.
    The price of the Forte on Hifiheadphones with express is $737.00 AUD!! I paid $450.00 AUD so I'm hoping I got a bargain.
  13. gikigill
    I might get the Forte but let's see.
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  14. oldmate
    I shall report back when I have mine. Kind of hoping for something IEM equivalent to say my T51P's and Focal Spirit Classic with say the bass slam of my Dunu DN-1000's which I sold. Either way will give my feedback on this thread after a few days of listening to them.
  15. Antihippy
    It's been awhile, but from when I've auditioned the bravo lineup there was a certain something about the forte that made me choose the harmony over it, but it's probably all relative anyway. I would definitely be interested to read more detailed descriptions of the forte.
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