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DUNU DK-4001 --- Discussion & Impressions Thread

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  1. tomscy2000
    They devote most of their budget to R&D, so they spend very little on marketing. Aside from China, their biggest market, their global marketing strategy is concentrated on choice markets, such as Japan. They tend to delegate marketing in local markets to local distributors because of their language advantage, so the success of the company's visibility in these markets is dependent upon the individual distributor's ability to scale. Dunu's online presence, whether he on head-fi or on social media channels, is sparse because these roles are delegated to workers who wear many hats. If they had a dedicated employee with experience in social media marketing, SEO, and e-commerce, they would be a lot further along in the online marketing area for global purchases, but the employees who do this stuff for them are essentially learning on the fly. This is a language thing as well. Look at their social media presence on Chinese language social media like Weibo or Baidu and their techniques are a lot more savvy and ever-present.
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  2. Linhbk
    Wow such a good knowledge, now i see why the asia people they fall in love with dunu
  3. Dobrescu George
    Dunu knows how to make high-quality products though, I'm sure in time they'll also manage to get a little more marketing by themselves :)
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  4. Brooko Contributor
    Personally I think if they have solved the comfort issues (seen with previous models), reviews will be more enthusiastic, and they’ll sell themselves (reviews and shows are all the marketing they’ll need). Niche product, niche price, niche audience. Performance is key.

    The 3001 would have had far more discussion and hype if it had also been comfortable to wear.
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  5. tomscy2000
    From the few Chinese language reviews (not aware of reviews written in any other language so far) I've been able to read online, almost everyone has mentioned that the DK-4001 is a lot more comfortable than the 3001. The depth of the circular housings of the 4001, however, is quite deep, and I do worry about the way it balances within the concha. Hopefully, it is consistently more comfortable than the 3001, though I didn't personally have any issue with the 3001's comfort (or lack thereof). At the same time, I only got to use the 3001 transiently on a few occasions, so I don't have a long term view of its comfort. I can see how it can be uncomfortable for some (or many) users.
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  6. Dobrescu George
    I agree with this, Falcon-C got much more attention and indeed, it is much more comfy.

    Let's see what DK-4001 brings to the table in terms of comfort
  7. udesign48
    Looks great!

    On Ebay, it's selling for $999.

    How can I find better price on this model?
  8. tomscy2000
    That price is definitely marked up, because the USD price should be around $880 or so.

    There’s a link on Aliexpress:

    But keep in mind that these listings are all from sellers within China who want to move their stock through as many retail channels as possible. Currently, there is no authorized dealer outside of China with the DK-4001 in stock, because the production rate is slow for the 4001 and DUNU want to wait until they have adequate stock volumes for overseas sales. Thus, you’ll only get Chinese-only packaging, and I’m guessing no international warranty (you’ll have to ask DUNU about the details). AFAIK, international retailers won’t get stock until mid-to-late December.
  9. Raketen
    $880 still a little rough vs 3001, 2000J pricing.
    That cable is cool though- are those LEMO connectors? (connector bulk might be an additional drawback- recently contemplating ditiching all of my balanced gear).
    Though, after going from 2000J to Sony N3, would be nice to try a non bass-monster hybrid again if the FR graph is remotely representative.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
  10. tomscy2000
    It’s definitely the most expensive model they’ve put out by far — makes you wonder, considering how aggressively they price their other models, why they’ve priced the 4001 so much more than the 3001 — the bill of materials is probably significantly higher with the newly developed Be dynamic driver and the modular cable.

    Don’t know what the connector type is — they seem to suggest that the connector is proprietary but who knows what it was derived from — I haven’t seen a physical unit yet.

    I asked them if they would consider including a regular cable but it seems it’s not in the cards. Ever since FiiO struck out on their own with their new line of IEMs, it seems they’ve ended their previous partnership with DUNU, though I believe they’re still on friendly terms. However this means DUNU will probably not be able to supply Bluetooth, USB-C, or iOS lighting type cables. From the way it appears in pictures the modular cable looks thicker than average, which would make jogging/running with the cable less practical. Personally I think an expanded cable package with a Bluetooth neck strap and Android/iOS cables for $999 would be pretty cool.

    In terms of sound, the earliest I’ll be able to get a listen to the 4001 is next week, if time permits. I’ll report back on how it sounds ASAP.
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  11. subguy812
    No truer words have been spoken.
  12. tomscy2000
    The DK-4001 are in my ears as I type. Okay, so these are extremely initial impressions, but if I had to describe the 4001 with one word, it would be: tasteful.

    This description goes beyond sound, but even for sound alone, everything just seems really well-considered. The sound signature is not 'showy' at all, like DUNU models have been in the past, and it's not a sound that will blow minds on first listen, but give it a few moments and it becomes something that is just really enjoyable to listen to. Nothing is overly exaggerated; the bass is present but controlled, and the treble contains sparkle but isn't splashy.

    Anyways, just some super early thoughts.
  13. Brooko Contributor
    Envious !
  14. vault108
    I need more impressions please. I have this on my bucket list. Does the sub-bass travel down to your chest?
  15. phthora
    That sounds... neutral. Would you consider the 4001 neutral? Or simply well-tuned and balanced?
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