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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Raketen
    edit, nevermind,  I can't read [​IMG]
  2. Ghisy
    So I was able to give the Plenue D a try here in Tokyo. The thing is it was still on the 1.01 firmware.

    It's quite nice and really small! Since I have a discount at Bic Camera, I'll probably get it.

    Sent from my Chroma-powered Nexus 6
  3. goody
    ITS small and sounds good i got the gold one its a great combination with  black body and the flashing light [​IMG]
  4. BourneToulouss
    hallo everyone, I've just bought this D along with some earphones. After i upgraded the firmware, i let the machine run and burn in my new earphones. About a few hours later, when i checked back, the battery status was empty, but the machine was running still. So i let it play, after 24 hours later, it was still running, and the battery was still at empty level.....is this a new bug in the new firmware or not.....
  5. jmills8
    I never had that issue.
  6. Photoman
    Never had this either
  7. marlin29311
    Can't say it's happened to me, but I know that in the past my J3's battery meter was never right - I could go for a long time on "empty".  Try a full charge and discharge cycle and see what happens.
  8. BourneToulouss
    i think i'll empty the battery, do a full recharge and wait to see if this still goes on. I'm using firmware 1.02 btw
  9. Photoman
    Update to 1.10b1
  10. philipsony

    do you have my issue though?
  11. BourneToulouss
    i don't see that issue on my machine sorry. Anyway, about the battery meter, it's gone for now. I think it's just a glitch after the firmware update. 
    Thanks every1
  12. Deftone
    nice so the only difference between the M and D is that the d has a smaller sound stage, good way to save £450.
  13. Deftone
    which dap would help to slightly bring out the "recessed" midrange of the IE800?
    im not Eq user.
  14. hypersonic
    You should not choose cowon if you're not going to make use of any eq
    Any player which exaggerate on a specific range without eq --> not having flat frequency response, means it's flawed
  15. fcng
    Dear All, 
    First post here and love this forum. I'm no audiophile but love to listen to music. My current gear (ipod shuffle and sony XB90) is nothing to shout about. I quite like the current sound from the shuffle and XB90 and want to know your opinion on the sound signature of the Plenue D and the XB90 combination. I use the Jet Audio player on the PC and like the ability to play around with the equalizer and the presets. 
    Thank you.
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