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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. crazy eddie
    Ok here goes crazy eddie, lol, first , I loved ipods and apple product they were the begining and still today very famous and nice, but to achieve another level of sounds you have to step up, and let me tell you I know people with the classic and a MOJO and honestly it sounds awesome, he also had the west one 5 pro, which are one of the earbuds that rival and beat the shure 846 in the subbass department and cost about 350 dollars less and sometimes less if used , you can buy them cheaper also, but now people know that shure is great but there are many others better, just look at twister 6 review on the west one pro5, very tempting. Sorry for getting off the topic
  2. Ghisy
    @taffy2207, thanks for the manual, I missed this post!
  3. QsTree
    I just wonder whether or when there will be an UI available like the ASUCI.
    Different ASUCI UIs are already available for the S9, J3, X7, M, P1, S
    I really like the V3:FLAT design on the M, P1 & S, would be great to see something similarly also on the PD
  4. Ghisy
    @QsTree, on a French forum, someone met with a Cowon representative in Paris at a Plenue demo event. He said 2 firmware updates are coming soon: the first one dropping this week (I believe this is the 1.10b1 from Korea) and another one later (no planned date). He said there's a good chance custom UIs will come for the Plenue D, the same way they're done with the M, 1 and S.
    So I'm guessing custom UIs will probably be available with the next firmware upgrade (hopefully). This is kind of why I'm hesitating about letting go of my J3, I love the custom UI I have on it...
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  5. Photoman

    It seems like they updated to V.1.10 instead of V.1.10b1 I guess it out of beta.
  6. Ghisy
  7. Photoman
  8. Ghisy
    @Photoman, great news.

    Alright so this beautiful little thing is now mine. It's quite cheap in Japan with a coupon (less than 200 euros / US$ 220). I'm on my way to get a screen protector and the official leather case since it's the only one available...

    Edit: hmmm, the leather case is sold out here in Tokyo. I'll try another store...
  9. ericsson
    I just updated the firmware to V1.10. It's great it solves the track no. problem for m4a file. However, I still got some problems about the tag recognition.

    1. it can not recognize the disc no. for m4a files. PD only sort the songs by track no., not by disc no. first then track no.

    2. for some files, the album name can not be shown correctly. All these songs can be recognized correctly by PC and my phone player.

    3. everytime when I tap from library view to playing view, there will be a small pause in the playing sound.

    I really like this little player! hope they can fix these tiny problems by next update. [​IMG] 
  10. Sound Eq
    here my few days experience with this dap with the sony xba z5 and sometimes I add the headstage arrow 5tx to the mix. I am retracting some of my earilier findings but I still love this tiny dap for what it can deliver, so the below is after critical listening 
    for price its simply amazing and I use it on the go
    eq wise I use bbe headphones 3, bb viva 2, are the most i use however i feel the vocals are bit recessed and there is a bit upper frequencies annoyences that i think needs to be tamed down abit, around 4-6 k, and have the vocals to have more weight and body as I feel the vocals gets lost in the bass and the upper frequencies can be sometimes a bit too much. The bass is great but can get boomy and out of control
    Fine tuning using user presets eq is a bit not getting me there where i want it maybe I am not able to fine tune and find user presets sweet spot
    now the above finding are with the sony xba z5 so other iems will give a different impression
    i am using it on the go and that is my on the go setup, while at home i use the ak380+amp and shure 846 which is better than the cowon by a margin in terms of sound quality, but price wise its too expensive. the ak380 + amp beats the cowon d in sound signature, and enjoyability, even without eq but that is not fair at all to compare both
    so do not get upset from the above as I hope cowon can fine tune the sound a bit by firmware upgrades, although I do not think this will happen, but overall great amazing dap for its price
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  11. Mistyc
    I fell too that the vocals are recessed comparing with sony x series and a series...
  12. jmills8
    or the Sony is mid forwards.
  13. goody
    i said in my initial impressions that the bass is not as controlled as my sony ZX100.... it is slightly boomy but having said that i like the build quality and sound very much so its a keeper for me...if you want a bit more vocals use maestro preset but it removes the bass  
  14. jmills8
    One of the reasons I got rid of the zx100 was of its bass. Guess I like boony bass.
  15. goody
    HA HA i am keeping my ZX100 because of its LDAC capabilities it works so well with my Sony bluetooth headphones MDR1ABT....but having said that i like the plenue d as my road warrior simple and sounds damn good  
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