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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. HiFiChris Contributor
    Best would be then to check on the PC in the albums that aren't played back in correct order how the tracks number tags are written to the files (e.g. "1" or "01", maybe there's a problem with that) or if there are any missing.
  2. ericsson
    Thanks. Just check the tag, same as other flac album. More weird thing is that PD splits one album into 2 album with same album name, and wrong track order.....
  3. jmills8
    Try another card.
  4. ericsson
    didn't use card, just use the build in memory​
  5. goody
    I think its how it reads your id tags on your albums ...u might have to retag all your flacs mine is perfect ..it even manages to show all my album art unlike my sony...
  6. brcowon
    +1 for m4a aacs playing in the wrong order, tags show as track 1 on amarok,  ffmpeg -i shows : 1/22 and the filenames start with the track number  = random order - still an improvement over my Cowon s9 which did not play them.
    What battery life is everone getting -  I get about 50 hours with mainly ogg/mp3/m4a + using the screen a fair bit.
  7. philipsony
    hi guys, i just gotten my cowon plenue D today
    i went from the old D2+ to j3 to sony NWZ-Z1060.
    omg the crystal clear EQ is awesome
    was really glad with the set until i found a possibly defect

    do any of you guys have the same issue with your plenue D?
    i hope this is a general issue and not a defective unit that i unfortunately had gotten :frowning2:
  8. taffy2207
    Nope. I haven't encountered this problem.
  9. goody
    I have not got that problem either i just checked it ..looks like you got a defective unit 
  10. philipsony
    its more with the track button then the pause button
    an intentional light tap wouldnt show but a normal strength pressing of the button will show this issue
    seems like my set really is defective :frowning2:
    man this sux.
  11. goody
    i just tried it again with the track button ..no distortion so it looks like your unit 
  12. philipsony
    thx, i will see if i can get an exchange
    luckily in my country there is law for 1 to 1 exchange within 7 days of purchase
    but i will have to convince the shop that only my unit have it....
  13. QsTree

    I just made a quick comparision between the P1 (FW2.15) and the D (FW1.10b1).
    Boot time:
    P1: ~11 sec. (95GB FLAC & mp3 on internal memory)
    D: ~ 11 sec. (without SD card, 4 standard FLAC files on internal memory)
    D: ~ 17 sec. (23GB on 64GB SDXC1 SanDisk Ultra)
    P1: bright, sharp and crisp, proper response time
    D: bright but unsharp, not crisp, slow response time vs P1
    Sound (on IE800):
    P1: Black, warm & analog, wide stage, never heard someting better for that kind  of money
    D: Black, warm & analog, smaler stage but perfect for that kind of money
    If you like the sound of Cowon you will love the P1 and the D. Already w/o any effect both sound great. By the use of the implemented effects you will find you perfect sound setting.
    P1: ~ 7 hours, absolutes annoing but already known from the specification
    D: ~ 50+ (not tested yet), perfect for the sound quality
    If you don't care about a blurred display with a slow response time but looking for a great warm & analog sound + very long battery life than got for the D. Otherwise look for something different.
    Personally I will keep both, the P1 for indoor use and the D for outdoor use. I love the sound of both players.
  14. ericsson
    I'll retag them all to see what happens. If it doesn't work, I'll just play them in folder view. Thanks anyway :)
  15. QsTree
    I use Mp3tag (freeware)
    for all my mp3s and FLACs. Works perfectly, never had any problem, no matter which player I've used so far.
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