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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. cloudscapes
    Can confirm UI responsiveness is much better with 1.10b1. I was one of the most critical of the lack of responsiveness in this thread 3-4 weeks ago, I can def say it's improved! It could be made even better :wink: ..but I'm happy with how it is now. I can flick much faster without any misclicks or hangs, and I'd say it's pretty close to how responsive the stock J3 is. I don't think I can sense a difference between the two. The scrolling bar on the far-right side is also much easier to drag. Even with the leather case. These improvements make frequently switching between songs much easier.
    Good work cowon! I have no problem recommending this player to anyone, now.
    Now lets see some of those missing features make a comeback, such as the ability to scale text/lists, eh?
  2. Sound Eq
    can i ask why is the new firmware available on their english site
  3. Photoman
    the Korean site always have it first. That's what I notice
  4. Jupiterknight
    Unfortunately, I don't seem to have gapless playback with the new FW 1.10b anymore! Particular noticeable when playing live albums. I will continue test with other formats to see if it is just related to some formats!
    Edit: Only with my lossy aac and ogg vorbis files. MP3's seems to play gapless correct with the new FW..
  5. marlin29311
    What format are you playing in?  FLAC or MP3, or something else?
  6. Sound Eq
    is it possible to share user defined presets
    man this bbeheadphone3 has thunderous controlled  bass :), i use this most
    and bbematch3bass has explosive bass :)
    this is definetly the best eq i ever had on a dap
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  7. Jupiterknight
    After more testing I notice that it is lossy formats like Ogg.Vorbis and AAC that has a gap or a click between tracks. So far Lame MP3 seems to do gapless correct. I haven't gotten around to Flac files yet..  
  8. ZerkMeister
    I apologize if this has already been mentioned but I'm trying to format my 128gb sandisk micro to fat32 using guiformat and it won't work.
    It gives me the following error:
                            "Failed to open Device
                            The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."
    I don't see anything that would affect that drive.
    Im using a microsd card reader with a sandisk micro.
    Appreciate the help.
    I just got my D today :D.
  9. Mistyc
    i sad couple of pages ago my man.
    Thank you.
    I sleep no more than 3 hours...2-3 days i was going straight of work without sleep..
    First i was not impress too much...but after 2-3 days..hmm... this beauty has something magic in the soul..:)))
    I sad i am gonna do comparision with my sony nwz a 865,j3 ... z2 and i9(sold it both)
    But i have 2 jobs and i hope in weekend to have time..
    I canceled l5 pro(ordered for a friend in uk).
    Now i am going for audiologist to wash my years :)))
    Thank you jmills and the other who always ansewered my questions.
    Is allready past midnght and i can`T SLEEP BECAUSE OF THE D
    Crazu eddie thanks again...
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  10. ZerkMeister
    Umm nevermind, I figured it out.
    Apparently I had to format it through windows from exfat to ntfs and then use guiformat to format from ntfs to fat32.
    Thanks anyways! :D
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  11. marlin29311
    Does anyone's D do a database update every time they turn it on?
  12. Photoman
    use the sleep mode in settings
  13. lmfboy01
    A few better pics in light.

    I completely forgot I owned a D2 some 7 or 8 years ago, until it was brought up in this thread. Eerily similar minus the full sized sd card, better UI, and being video capable.

    The player itself sound great. I can't think of anything bad to say about its presentation. Thats kinda where I am at now:smile:
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  14. crazy eddie
    Love the plenue d, it pushes my v moda.crossfade.lp crossfade and clears them up, my ath m50, well I'm not gonna into the list, it's good, and I bought the blue case and it does a.good job, feels nice, I can use it with all my dac,amps and it.sounds great, it.really doesn't need an amp, I'm shocked, unless you want more.detail in less volume, I learned that.from jmills.
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  15. mysony1

    No regrets of getting this :smile:. Trying with my Sd card but doesn't support most likely need to reformat my card.

    Present I think mine is ex fat.
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