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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. musicnerd25
    Hi everyone! I just made an unboxing/first impressions video of the Plenue D on YouTube as my very first YouTube video. Please check it out if you're interested; I know it's been a while since the D was released but I wanted to make a video about it anyways because I love it so much and I believe that everyone who loves music should invest in one. I'll be posting a review video as well in the near future. I'm hoping to appeal to the average non-audiophile music enthusiasts, and I think that the Plenue D is a great device for non-audiophiles to try out what HiFi is all about... because the tiny Plenue D got it all. (take this with a grain of salt because I, myself is just an avid music lover - not a serious audiophile by any means)
    Link to the video:
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  2. musicnerd25

    I agree with you. I wish the Plenue D offered Bluetooth as well. But I'd imagine some of its amazing music quality dropping down a notch upon doing so. I haven't tried this myself but I heard that you can get an aptX low latency Bluetooth transmitter (like this one on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/TaoTronics-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Receiver-Simultaneously/dp/B01EHSX28M/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1485271994&sr=8-14&keywords=bluetooth+transmitter) and just hook it up to the headphone jack on the Plenue D (or any other non-Bluetooth device) to hook it up to a Bluetooth receiver device (e.g. Bluetooth headphones). It might be worth a shot if Bluetooth is a huge factor for you
  3. Vitor Valeri
    The secret of the Cowon Plenue D's battery lasts forever, I think it's the DAC. The Plenue D DAC is the Wolfson WM8998, written on the Cirrus website as directed for portable devices with high performance and low power consumption. Check:
    Plenue D housing open: http://www.head-fi.org/t/789488/cowon-plenue-d/2865#post_12631507
    Wolfson WM8998 DAC Specifications: http://www.cirrus.com/en/products/pro/detail/P1265.html
    WM8998 Product Brief (PDF): http://www.cirrus.com/cn/pubs/proBulletin/WM8998_productbrief_v3.0.pdf
    List of Cirrus codecs: http://www.cirrus.com/en/products/pro/areas/PA105.html
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  4. Rockin_Zombie
    The "problem" with such long battery life is that you forget the Plenue D is an electronic device! Today after who-knows-how-many-days of listening I saw the battery is low, reminded me that there's a device I need to charge :p
  5. Hi-Fi'er
    For me the D is simplistic in that it does not have any web or bluetooth keeping the audio design and chip clean and clear for interference and noise. Transmitting anything wireless is and never will be quality audio as a direct connection or line. So I applaud Cowon keeping the D simple and clean without all that stuff most pure enthusiasts search for and desire.
  6. subOptimal
    That is one of the biggest selling points, combined with a fast and intuitive interface. I own a P1 and I'm thinking of buy a PD for traveling.
  7. Hi-Fi'er

    I have both. My suggestion? HELL YES! PD is awesome. It's a tad less detailed than the P1 but if you are running around and on the go you will never notice it.
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  8. fish1050
    I have LDAC bluetooth on my Sony A17 and my Sony home receiver so I get 905 kbps transmission rate vs 320 kbps with Apt-X.  That is 24 bit FLAC quality over bluetooth and it sounds amazing.  I am quite happy with the sound quality of my A17 and I don't find the bluetooth affects audio quality when not active.
    But with other non Sony devices best I can do is Apt-X quality.  I really don't want to go any lower then Apt-X for bluetooth as it starts to sound bad to me.  But my A17 is over two years old and I want something new.  The PD ticks all the boxes for me except Apt-X bluetooth.  The new Sony A35 has LDAC but no Apt-X support.  I should be able to get the A35 and the PD for about the same price.  I am hoping a new PD hits the market about the same time the A35 is available in Canada but probably wishful thinking.  
    Plenue D - No bluetooth
    A35 - LDAC but no Apt-X
    Shanling M1 - bluetooth Apt-X (1/2 the price of other two) but poor battery life.
    Fiio X3-III (later this year) no word on bluetooth support.
    It is sad that my 2+ year old DAP offers me more features I want than DAP's in 2017.  Looks like I will be waiting awhile to see what the Fiio X3-III has to offer and maybe some news from Cowon.
  9. Vitor Valeri
    I'm going the other way. I have Plenue D and I'm thinking of buying Plenue 1. [​IMG]
    I think Plenue 1 is the best Cost-Benefit in the High-End player market. I do not know if I'm right, but that's what it seems to me because currently it's being sold at a much more inviting price (more so if it's used).
  10. GoldenTooth
    Hey, i realized that there is two screws on both top sides of the player. What are they for? Battery change?
  11. Hi-Fi'er

    From this post: http://www.head-fi.org/t/789488/lightbox/post/12631507/id/1648500

    Likely they are holding the board inside in place inside the case.
  12. subOptimal
    Ok ok, you got me at "HELL" already.
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  13. GoldenTooth
    Guys, i am bit confused here i want to know if plenue D sound quality is closer to J3 more or plenue 1/M more?

    Which daps of these that plenue D sound quality is close to? I need to know before ordering.

  14. Vitor Valeri
    The Cowon Plenue D is much better than the Cowon J3. This I can say because I already had the Cowon J3 and bought the Plenue D to upgrade.

    Plenue D is close to Sony NW-A35 and FiiO X3 II. I made comparisons of them with Plenue D in the links below:
  15. GoldenTooth
    Thanks so much for the reply. But since all i care about is audio quality alone(dont care abiut battery, ui.......etc).

    Is the audio quality difference between the plenue D and the plenue p1/m. Worth the price difference for the $500 more for plenue p1? (Regardless of any other additional features of P1).

    In other words is it massive difference in SQ? (I use flac files + 32 to 100 ohm cans and iems)

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