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Effect Audio OCC Pure Copper Ares

  1. Vitor Valeri
    JH5 + Effect Audio Ares Cable
    Written by Vitor Valeri
    Published Jan 19, 2015
    Pros - More texture and deph bass, mids more forward, warmer and sweeter, highs gained a bit more brightness, soundstage was increased
    Cons - None
    JH5 + Effect Audio Ares Cable
    Physical aspects
    It is a cable with higher copper purity than is commonly used in normal cables.  It is made up of cryo treated UPOCC Pure Copper. The base core used in UPOCC is 7N purity.
    Face you already realize that is a better made out in all parties. The 3.5mm connector that goes to the player is more robust and has a much softer fit. The connector will the handset has metal finish (against the stock plastic cable)
    The cable is more comfortable than the stock (which came with the JH5 headset) in the part that surrounds the ear even though it is more robust. He managed to keep almost the same malleability of old and does not have any microphony.
    In the bass there was an increased texture and gained more depth.
    The mids were more forward. I found them a little indented for my taste in JH5, especially on vocals, I thought the middle voice lifeless. The cable made the mids more warmer and sweeter.
    The highs have gained a bit more brightness, nothing extraordinary. But improved enough to satisfy me.
    The soundstage was increased, perhaps this is due because of the improvement in the bass.