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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Vitor Valeri
    Follow the steps:

    1 - Use the program guiformat to format the player.

    2 - Do not disconnect the player after formatting an internal memory, copy and paste the firmware files into the memory of Plenue D and eject the player.

    3 - As soon as you turn it on it will start the update process, it will shut down and then you call again to see if it starts correctly.
  2. Martin Zeef
    So, in other words, I have to delete all files on the player by formatting the player and put the newest firmware on it.
  3. Vitor Valeri
  4. Martin Zeef
    I did what you said, but the problem stays the same. The device starts up, asks for the language selection, but you can't select one. So, I am afraid the touchscreen does not work.....
  5. fish1050
    So the Plenue D was released in 2015 and we are now in 2017.  Has anyone heard about an updated version of the Plenue D coming out this year?  I ask because if an updated version had Apt-X bluetooth and maybe LO I would grab one for sure.  Since the Plenue D currently has neither it is a hard sell for me.  
    The only way I could use the PD with my home system would be 3.5 mm to RCA which in my experience doesn't sound the best. 
  6. AndrewPL
    There were many firmware updates for Plenue D, last one is from December 27th, Plenue D doesn't have bluetooth module so any future firmware updates won't offer bluetooth connection for that player.
    I listen to my plenue d every morning. I bought a mojo before I got the pd, but I've put way more hours into the pd. PD is just a smash hit with all my iems.
  8. imserious
    Nice. What iems do u pair it with?
  9. fish1050
    I wasn't referring to firmware updates as I know bluetooth can't be added.  I asking about an updated new model as we are now into the 2nd year for the Plenue D
  10. AndrewPL
    Sorry, I misunderstood  you. Would be very nice if Cowon released a new model of PD.

    Zhiyin qt5, narmoo s1, shozy zero, urban fun. I just bought a couple of granvela iems as well. The Qt5 really suprized me the most because without an amp they didn't impress me much. The moment I used the jet effect "Feel the Wind" with the Qt5 I knew I found the right synergy. Just a grand sound with wonderful subbass that goes deep but never feels boomy.
  12. dakchi
    I have a Mi Note pro mobile from Xiaomi that has SABRE/ESS Dac (ES9018K2M) which is supposed to offer good quality sound. I was wondering if I will notice a difference in sound quality if I take the Cowon Plenue D?
    Thank you
  13. GoldenTooth
    Hey, if you look at the WM8998 (the one in cowon plenue D)  data sheet on cirus.com  , you can see that its called "highly integrated low-powered audio hub codec" used for smartphones, tablets and portable media players.
    NOT "DAC".  so is it true it is not a real DAC?
    also if you compare it to the WM8740 description ( the one in the ibasso dx50) via circus.com you will see it called "Very high performance DAC "  . used for CD/DVD , home theaters and professional audio systems.
    anyone got an idea about this??
  14. HipHopScribe
    That probably means it can output and input audio. It definitely has a DAC (or else you wouldn't hear audio), but it probably has an ADC (analog-to-digital converter) too, so it's not just a DAC
  15. fish1050
    Yeah the Plenue D really needs to have bluetooth in this price range as many cheaper DAP's now have it with Apt-X.  With the excellent battery life of the PD bluetooth is a no brainer and maybe LO if Cowon can manage it.  Definitely looking to get something new this year and there looks to be some great options out now or coming soon.  Get with it Cowon you need to catch up with the current features being offered.
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