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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. rr12267
    Hello all, been lurking here for awhile. Looking at getting my first DAP.

    Just getting into this hobby and there is so much to learn. :grinning:. My taste in music run the whole gamut except for electronic/techno. I'm currently in the process of ripping my collection to flac.

    I've been looking at the PD liking the long run time and size. Would like to use for working out, using at the office, etc.

    I've also been considering the shanling M1 and upcoming x5iii. Has there been any comparisons on these? Tapatalk search is pretty much useless and I'm not seeing too much on google.

    Your insight and recommendations would be much appreciated.

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  2. bluedolphin
    What is new in FW 1.17,  I have FW 1.11 
    I see no reason to update to new firmware if there only minor update, mine FW 1.11 work very good.
    I am looking forward to Uci themes if that be avaible in future firmware updates
    Do anyone know what FW 1.17 update over 1.11?
    This is acording Cowon global web:
    FW 1.17
    - Improved the parsing error of ID3 Tag genre information.
    Not sure if there is anything else updated
    I do not like Volume limitation so i avoid FW 1.15, i hope there is no sound volume limitation in FW 1.17 so is still loud
  3. fish1050
    I to am considering the Shanling M1 and I have been following the X5-III thread.  The new X5 has only been released in China and won't likely be widely available until March.  The M1 should be in my city sometime soon so I hope to check it out.  As for the PD it is strictly an import option for me so am wary about it.
    You are looking at 3 different price points as well with these 3 DAP's.  Projected price for the X5-III is around $600.00 US.  The Plenue D I am guessing about $250.00 US and the M1 is about $150.00.  
    The M1 only gets about 10 hours battery life so much less than the PD, it is also the least powerful at 35 mW into 32 ohms I believe
    But the M1 offers Apt-X bluetooth as will the X5-III but not the Plenue D.  Reports are very good on the M1 as it does not have any issues to speak of
    If you are interested in the M1 and X5-III you should check out those forums.  There are some early reviews on the X5-III and the M1 is well covered as well.
    Hope this gets you started.
  4. cowonaut
    deleted due to double-posting glitch.
  5. cowonaut
    since they all sound good and you mentioned workout and office already as specific use-cases, I'd recommend the Cowon for two reasons:

    1) Portability: not only does it survive a whole day in the office and getting there plus the workout, it does so in a very small package. You can put it in your shirt or trouser pocket and stash it away in the tiniest case to wrap around your arm. It's just very small and very light yet allowing for all necessary interaction (volume, play/pause, skip tracks, forward/rewind) with the screen off using tactile buttons.

    2) The digital sound processing is unmatched, giving you all you need in lots of presets (some of them being really good) and four user-defined presets on top to just process the hell outta it :)
    While these points might be considered of minor importance in stationary use at home, they are actually very useful in a mix of use cases. For instance, I have a long walk to the office and back (decided I need the workout of powerwalking ten times a week as a minimum). Now in winter, I'm wearing a warm beanie hat beneath my onear Beyerdynamics. Thats comfy and warm but I lose seal and therefore bass - here comes Cowon's awesome BBE sound processing :D

    Also, out on the street, I need more bass/body than in the office, since the traffic causes a constant bassy noise leaking in. In the office, it's rather quiet, the headphones seal quite well and I've got to concentrate on my work. Quality of sound becomes more important than amount of bass that can be quiet fatigueing anyways.

    It all depends on the (amount of) use-cases I guess. If you want versatility and a player that can fine-tune all sorts of inears and headphones you pick because they are just perfect for your daily activities and not for their sound alone, the Plenue D is a good choice. It's the tiniest, most enduring work horse of them all :)
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  6. cowonaut
    Hi bluedolphin! Couldn't find any difference since I never experienced said "parsing error" . Uncompromised volume is very important to me, since I'm pairing the player with cans up to 250 ohm - gladly, FW 1.17 didn't screw with max output at all :D
  7. rr12267

    Thanks for the information and quick response. I'll take a look at those threads. To me it looks like the M1 and PD are in direct competition with each other but I'm new and could be completely incorrect with that assumption.


    Thank you as well. You bring up some really good points and some use cases that I hadn't thought of.

    Quick question, By using the digital sound processing, does it sound natural? Meaning is there an artificial accent that is added while using these effects?

    I'm really leaning towards this player as a first player. From what information I've been able to gleam this would definitely be a step up from my old iPod classic 4g.

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  8. Skint

    The sound is natural as long as you don't boost too much. Best way to use the eq is to set the bbe, bass, mp enhance etc. first, then set the eq by cutting frequencies and turning up the volume. I go to max +5 on a frequency.
  9. rr12267
    @Skint thanks for the information and tips.

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  10. cowonaut

    I second that. Sometimes, headphones have a spike at a certain frequenzy, it's useful to look out for their respective frequency diagrams to tame that down a bit for a natural sound. And play with the width: narrow, normal and wide in order to keep the rest intact.
  11. HiFlight
    I have both and find each to be a great value, albeit with individual strengths. I use the M1 when out and about with my bluetooth IEM's. Works flawlessly and the tiny size can be tucked away anywhere. It is also a very small package when combined via OTG with my tiny Shozy DAC/Amp for times when I need more horsepower. OTOH, the PD is slightly larger and has probably 5x the battery life as the M1. The DSP settings offer an almost infinite number of combinations to match individual preferences and headphone type. Disregarding the use of EQ or DSP, the native sound of both is quite similar. Both offer a lot of bang for the buck!
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  12. rr12267
    HiFlight, thanks. All this information is really valuable.

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  13. fish1050
    That helps me as well as I am juggling 3 possible DAP's with these two and the A35 as my next upgrade.  My Cowon D2 was a tank and lasted 7 years but the C2 which replaced it crapped out after 3 months.  Obviously the PD is a much better product than the C2 but I still hesitate sans demo for the PD and having to import it.  I did not have a good experience with Cowon either trying to get warranty service on the C2 which never did get fixed properly, but that was 3 years ago.  Maybe it is time to give Cowon another shot, tough decision.
  14. rr12267
    Well with this thread and the impressions received, I just ordered the PD. :smiley:Should be here next week. Looking forward to testing it out. Will post my impressions.
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  15. AncientSw0rd
    I picked a PD up off the classifieds last week and I love it. It sounds great to me and I like playing with the BBE settings. This one gets an A+++ from me.
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