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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. mdtolic

    I don't think it's bad at all either. However, I've come to use the physical buttons more often; especially when I'm out and about. When it's in my pocket it's very easy to locate the lowest small button (FF) without even taking it out. As a bonus, the screen doesn't turn on.

    And to an earlier post, I bought my gold PD on Amazon, sold by JetAudio, for $199. It's a fantastic player.
  2. Nebucatnetzer
    It's about as bad as an old Android phone.
  3. FraterOiram
    IMHO it's not THAT bad, sure it's not a smartphone but it gets the job done. 
  4. ElKabong510
    Folder view is pretty fast, it's all i use, equipped with an 128gb micro sd.
  5. Hi-Fi'er

    I agree. Also the Matrix viewer is ANOTHER quick as anything else and is super efficient to find your artist and music. That is what I like about the D, for music access there is more than one way to do things. That is what I think people miss about this player in that they find one thing they don't like then jumble it all together into one statement and proclaim how it's not good or this or that. This is leaps about bounds better than my IPOD Touch or my IPOD Classic, and WAY less expensive and better audio quality!
  6. Oblivionx
    Comparing it to a smart phone or an ipod it is quite noticeable.
    However, it really isn't a thing that will affect your ability to listen to music on it.
    If it was a device that you browsed the net and played apps on, yes it's an issue... it's just not as polished an interface as many have come to expect due to the proliferation of android and apple devices and their interfaces.
  7. mtv2004
    i just open it, it quite smooth, but there is a smell {like someone drop menthol oil on the box). Did you guy also get 4 song of jack lee come with the player? which eq should i set ( quite lazy now, just need something in between?) Has any1 try 1more triple driver with this player?
  8. xoxiax
    Ibasso dx50 is, to my ears, a slight, but noticeable, upgrade in SQ compared to the Cowon PD. Clarity, detail, soundstage... sound is more hd although a little bit cold for me..
    The sony A15 i have is more like a sidegrade. There's something smooth and velvety on it's sound (and that rounded bass!) that i love on the sony, but it's miles behind in power. It even overcharges with busy sections on the songs that the Plenue D moves like whistling. I haven't tried it with the Dragonfly, in fact i didn't know it could be connected with the propietary cable from sony...how do you do it???
    Finally the Cowon is the one that comes with me everyday. I'd love a Cowon PD with better amp department, line out, bluetooth... but it's a very good player as it is, the best one i've tried.
  9. GoldenTooth
    Hey, any one other than me feel that audio signature or quality wither on default flat audio or with EQ  become different between different firmware versions? i am pretty sure its not placepo as i am comparing A/B test to my desktop DAC with same track and headphone.
    and i find that v1.02 and v1.11 have the best audio quality that surpass my desktop USD DAC is audio quality and clarity, other versions is nearly same quality as my USB DAC , but latest version 1.17 is really bad it feels like the audio become muffled and muddy no clarity anymore (i did all versions A/B test with my usb DAC  with both devices no EQ effects.
    and to make sure i am not mad ^^  i made blind test by letting my brother do the firmware upgrades for me  and give me headphones to compare  and still identified wither the firmware is 1.02, 1.11  or  other firmware versions.  so yes it is not placepo.
    anyone have same experience? [​IMG]
  10. Vitor Valeri
    I did not have the same experience. For me the same thing remains in firmware 1.17. I did not notice improvement or even worse in sound. I use CIEM JH5.
  11. GoldenTooth
     i am pretty sure this will cause some people like me to miss review the plenue D audio quality for sure , when i repeat listening to v1.17 i am pretty sure there is something wrong with the audio.
    for example the reverb room effect on v1.17 is complete trash even an old radio will sound better,  but in 1.11 its a whole new level of reverb  seems more realistic with a bit quieter sound.
    either my ear is still sensitive or my IEM  is for sure.
  12. Vitor Valeri
    Which IEM are you using?
    Maybe this has to do with something else ... I honestly could not detect changes.

    In older firmware I was experiencing a click/pop problem during track switching. That disappeared in firmware 1.14 and I do not want to have it any more.
  13. GoldenTooth
    HD 451 , but its strange you mentioned poping/clicking since my unit don't have any even with initial v1.02  v1.10  v1.11  firmware versions. now i think thats why you mentioned you didn't hear any difference , since different units may matter
  14. mtv2004
    Recommend any IEM under 100? Mee pro m6 ( there is rha ma750 
  15. technobear

    The PD gets a fantastic performance out of the Sony MDR-EX650. Doesn't have me wondering about more expensive IEMs - quite the reverse in fact (I'm talking portable use on the go here).
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