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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Vitor Valeri
  2. Vitor Valeri
    The Sennheiser HD451 is not an IEM (in-ear monitor), it's a headphone! And of the cheapest ones, by the way...
    Did you download the Cowon Global website or the Cowon Europe website? Because in Europe they limit the power and volume of the player to not exceed 85db...
  3. GoldenTooth
    Guys my battery was 80%  and suddenly the player shuts down saying battery is low . is this a firmware bug or my unit battery is defective? my player is still new :/
  4. Vitor Valeri
    Your battery or your player is certainly defective! Request the exchange for a new one.
  5. GoldenTooth
     i charged it with my galaxy note 5 wall adapter with is 2 mAh adaptor (not 1 mAh), maybe this what damaged my battery?
  6. AndrewPL
    Did you keep your player near cellular phone? My Plenue D turns off like that when keep it near my charging phone or near strong electromagnetic field
  7. GoldenTooth
    yes i do that a lot
  8. AndrewPL
    I think your phone causes that, do a test and touch your working player to a charging phone, if the player turns off  its definitely phone's signal turning off your Plenue, I know it sounds strange but this happens in my case.
  9. GoldenTooth
     but before it shuts down it says "battery low" , do you get the same message?
  10. AndrewPL
    Yes, same message and the player turns off,  since then I keep the player in other pocket 
  11. GoldenTooth
    well this makes since because if battery was really defective or empty the bar shouldn't show that its 80% 
    thanks for advice
  12. GoldenTooth
    Hey, when i set EQ to any bass settings like (mash3bass , metal , x-bass.....etc) the bass distort heavily whenever i set volume above 85% is this normal? (ofc i don't listen to this volume lol but just experimenting the distortion of the player)
  13. J Kelley

    Finally, someone is doing a torture test on the D. Have you tried putting it in a bucket of water yet?
  14. GoldenTooth
  15. AncientSw0rd

    ​I don't get any distortion at volume with those settings with good IEM's or headphones (LZ-A4 or HiFiman HE-400i). With cheaper IEM's I do get some distortion, so I suspect the IEM's , not the player. It might depend on the impedance of your phones as well. I would think that low impedance would tend to distort more if they are being overdriven?
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