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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. GoldenTooth
    Guys, its true what AndrewPL told me about the player being near any electro magnetic field.
    Yasterday i put my player bu mistake near my laptop adapter and the player instantly gave me "battery low" message and shuts down. Same happened again when next to my charging galaxy note 5.

    This is so wiered bug.
  2. Scalpos
    Well, that's good to know. Few days ago I was a little bit puzzled when I saw this battery notification while I was quite sure I recently recharged it, and even forgetting to power the DAP down would not draw so much from the battery. That would match, my smartphone being not so far from the DAP, but it was the first time I experienced such situation. I'll check this magnetic interference thing.
  3. philipsony
    i would like to seek if anyone of you know of a way around this?
    i used to own the old cowon D2+ as well as J3
    after my j3 i had a sony nwz z1050, coming back to the cowon plenue D make me realize the music is not so much random as per when i was using my sony
    i realized that this is the same old issue  in regards to how cowon approach its shuffle or randomization of file , some of you folks may know of it.
    The plenue D doesnt perform a genuine randomization in trying to load the next song.
    Instead, once i have shuffle set to ON, it show 1/999 of list, assuming 999 is the max amount of song i have. When i hit next, it go to 2/999.
    Meaning to say the plenue D generated out an entire playlist ONCE for each time shuffle is set to ON instead of loading a random music every single time next is hit.

  4. HiFlight

    My PD seems to shuffle pretty randomly as I seldom hear the same file repeated, even after several hours of use.
  5. philipsony
    i get what u mean but that is not what i am referring to.
    It is just not a genuine shuffle, the entire playlist is generated only ONCE as per the playlist number is shown. example 2/999.
    The array/playlist is generated only once when the shuffle is set to on, and when NEXT button is hit , it only load the next song on the list instead of pulling a random music.
    i came to recall of this old problem because on my sony i more often come across song that i seldom or have not heard of in a long while in my library because it just much more RANDOM than the cowon. Very rare do i get the "surprise" from listening to a song that i have not heard in a long.
  6. GoldenTooth
    Guys , after excesive burn in , i tried to do a test again agaisnt my pc and dragonfly usb dac using sennheiser momentum and cheaper mx 365 too. Using a rock sound track (flack 96hz 24bit) .

    And wow even on default eq it blows both dac and pc out of water. Bass became so much better feel , i can easily pick instrumants location in the track more accurately than i could do with my usb dac.

    But there is an issue that concerns me.
    Before burn in i can raise volume above 85% with rq on bass presets without the player audio being distorted (it didnt even distort with cheap iem mx365) but the quality was not that good back then before burn.

    After burn the qualoty became superb but the audio distort heavely above 85% volume on bass equalizers (only bass eq diestort). What happened? Is it normal?
  7. Vitor Valeri
    It's normal. I saw a 3 reviews saying that after about 35h of burn-in the sound improves.
  8. GoldenTooth

    But is the bass EQs distortion when volume is above 85% normal? Given that it didn't distort with bass EQs (even on cheap iem)before the burn in even when volume is set to 100%.
  9. Vitor Valeri
    I do not know. The behavior of Plenue D varies from earphone to earphone as well. But in the comments of the topic I saw some saying that certain EQ made the sound distort in a certain volume.
  10. technobear

    100 hour battery life does not come with limitless power.

    After burn-in, the bass response is better but you are now demanding too much of the PD.

    I suggest you seek out some more efficient headphones.
  11. GoldenTooth

    It was just torture test for the D , no normal human will keep listining at 85% or more :p
    It just got me worried that before burn it didnt distort at that volume level and after burn it do thus i thought my unit intenal dac or amp got defected in somehow. Thanks for reply
  12. chimney189
    Good day,
    I was listening to my Cowon Plenue D and all of a sudden the screen went black.  I tried one of two things to fix this: press and hold down the power button (didn't work) and plug the Cowon Plenue D into a charger (the power button turned red, but it didn't change anything else).  The DAP is still on, but it the screen remains black, blank.

    What am I to do about this issue?
    EDIT: I tried to take the screws out and then used a flat-head screw driver to try and pry the top, silver portion open .. safe to say that this didn't work.  I decided to give this up and now I'm left with some dents in the casing. [​IMG] 
  13. Hi-Fi'er

    If the buttons or touch screen do not respond during use, press and hold the volume + and − buttons to reset for 6 seconds or more.
    chimney189 likes this.
  14. chimney189

    Success! Thank you!
  15. Hi-Fi'er

    Welcome. :D
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