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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Tempy-17
    This device seemed to be designed for people who smoke. I started smoking recently cause I think I'm the winner of the planet for reasons which I won't go into. Waste of money to buy it though cause I have the expensive ones and waste my time on cheap sound. Does it sound 'big' or something? What does it sound like?
  2. zozito

    Cheers, everybody.
  3. Hi-Fi'er

    Welcome aboard. :D
  4. MatkaMano2015
    Hi Guys,
    I need some help with my brand new Cowon Plenue D I just purchased on Amazon.com a couple of days ago.
    I have a 64GB Samsung micro SD card with 2400 songs on it. When I insert the card in my Plenue D and do a database update it only sees 470 songs. I put the same card in my A&K Jr. player and it sees all the 2400 songs. All of them are FLAC files. Also my Galaxy Note 4 can read and play all the 2400 flac files on the SD card.
    What could be the problem here? Did I receive a defective Plenue D? Am I doing something wrong? I really like the sound of that little player, but if I can't get my music files recognized with the Pleanue D then it is useless for me.
     Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks a lot,
  5. LCMusicLover
    I think it's a card format issue.
    I followed these instructions with my 128 Gb SDXC Sandisk card.  Worked correctly first time.
    Perhaps your card is formatted differently.  Might have to re-format and then re-copy the tracks.
  6. MatkaMano2015
    I did reformat the card to FAT32 and it still wouldn't recognize the FLAC files.
    Then I changed the .FLAC extension of the files to .FLA and the player recognizes and plays all those FLAC files.
    Is there a fix for this so I don't have to rename all my FLAC file extensions?
  7. LCMusicLover
    I've been doing a lot of DAP comparisons lately, and as a result, have been ignoring my Plenue D.
    Today I went back to the PD using the BBE Headphone eq through my iBasso IT-03s, I have to say that this combination is really satisfying.  Lots of bass (close to basshead amounts) but still great detail, wonderful instrument separation, and a very wide sound stage.
    Amusingly, I like the PD/IT-03 combo better than my Aurisonics AS-2 with the same DAP/eq.  The AS-2s seem muddy by comparison.  It's funny, 'cuz I bought the AS-2s to get more bass.  I hadn't been happy with any of the EQ settings and suspected that I wasn't getting the most out of it.  
    I highly recommend this DAP/IEM combination for folks who want a nice balance between detail/reference/analytical and musical sound signature with a side of extra bass.  
    For me, this combo is the ideal OTG system (great sound, very compact, unbelievable battery-life).
  8. Hi-Fi'er

    I find that the EQ of BBE or BBE MP (depends which you prefer if any) will give the least colored (echo-muddy-sibilant etc) sound but fuller of all the presets and still be balanced. All the others are over the top or underwhelming. I prefer BBE MP over the BBE alone.

    Hope that helps.
  9. BadBanana
    There should not be any need to rename your files, although with the right tool that would be a very quick and easy solution,  I would do a couple of things. One or two other people have had the same problem with the Plenue D, although I don't and others don't.  Almost all of my files are Flac and I have no problems with the .flac filename extension.  First I would verify that you have recent firmware in your player.  But the problem is most likely caused by some poor tags or poor encoding in some of the files.  Are they downloads or files you have ripped yourself?  I use Mp3tag.to examine and edit tags.  You may have invalid or surplus tags and Mp3tag allows you to work on many files at once very easily.  If the files were downloads, I'd use a tool like Flactester (it comes with the Flac codec) to look for errors in the files, and then I'd use dBpoweramp to re-encode to Flac to remove errors and surplus padding after tag editing. 
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  10. Scalpos
    This issue has already been discussed previously. When the same files the Plenue D cannot see on sd-card are perfectly played/seen by another device, a simple extension case switch (from uppercase to lowercase, or vice versa) is enough to make them visible to the Plenue D. Updating the modification date does not change anything and the tags are not the root cause of this issue, AFAIK
  11. fish1050
    I seem to recall someone else mentioning the .FLA extension for FLAC files with the PD.  My guess is Cowon has the old Windows 3 character file extension limit for some reason and can't reconcile the 4th character after the period.  If I remember correctly it was the same with my Cowon C2 a few years ago.
  12. J Kelley

    All of my music is FLAC ripped by me with db poweramp and all of the extensions are .flac so named by db poweramp. My 128gb card is formatted FAT32 and all of my music is recognized and played by my PD. All of my music is on the sd card, no music on the player's internal memory. In the past I have had problems with editing art or tags on music files on the PD while connected via USB and the PD not recognizing the changes when disconnecting from the computer and updating database. That led me to use the external sd cards exclusively. If I edit anything (tags, art, extensions), I remove the sd card, make the edits and while the sd card is removed led the PD update the database. Then reinstall the sd card and update the database again and the player recognizes the changes. It's a pain and it shouldn't be necessary but it works for me.Trial and error led me to this, YMMV...
  13. rr12267
    At least the update is relatively fast. But agree with your comment @J Kelly. Folks should not have to do this.
  14. HiFlight
    Most of my 63 gigs of music on my card is ripped to .wav and some .flac. When viewing folders, only about 30% show up however all individual songs show. This is great for random play, but there is no way to play via directory as only a handful are shown, mostly the flacs. Everything else is grouped in a folder called "Unknown".

    This is really aggravating to me, enough so that I am considering giving up on the PD. My Shanling M1 shows all folders when using the same card. I realize that .wav files do not rip metadata but still.........

    EDIT: I discovered that I had failed to reformat my 64gb card to FAT32. It was invisible as exFAT. All is well now!
  15. VampireTampon
    Hey guys! New member here. I've been looking for a new DAP and the Plenue D sounds like it might meet all my needs. I'm currently using a 64GB Zune HD and I only have one concern:
    Is the audio quality of the Plenue D better than the Zune HD's? I would assume it is, since the Zune HD is really old, but then again, the Plenue D is a lower-price DAP. Anyone got any advice?
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