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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. GoldenTooth
  2. GoldenTooth
    Thanks so much for the reply. But since all i care about is audio quality alone(dont care abiut battery, ui.......etc).

    Is the audio quality difference between the plenue D and the plenue p1/m. Worth the price difference for the $500 more for plenue p1? (Regardless of any other additional features of P1).

    In other words is it massive difference in SQ? (I use flac files + 32 to 100 ohm cans and iems)

  3. Vitor Valeri
    Cowon Plenue 1 has a good difference in audio quality compared to Plenue D for sure. If you do not care about battery life and you have the money to buy Plenue 1, it will be the best choice!
  4. GoldenTooth

    Thanks for clarification:) also i would like to know if it will surpass a SQ of a $100-200 USB dac?

    Since i already have a dragonfly black v1.5 usb dac with sabre 9010 dac chip.

    But when test it against my cheap realtek motherboard audio output. The realtek audio had better sound stage and musicality more than my dragonfly dac. Even though the dragonfly have more power (but bright and fatiguing) and i find more joy listining to my realtek cheap built in audio lol.

    Will that plenue D at least will be better quality than my realtek motherboard (which is already better than my sabre 9010 dac strange lol)
  5. Rockin_Zombie
    Don't get so hung up on the DAC being used. You like the built-in audio better than the Sabre, so clearly audio quality is subjective. The good thing about Cowon players is that they let you EQ the hell out of audio, if you think the soundstage is narrow you an tweak it. You are not listening to the DAC, you are listening to the end product. 
  6. GoldenTooth

    It's just not like that, but over years i had sansa clip+ , s3, note 5 (wolfson 1840 dac) and dragonfly usb dac.

    But whenever i listen to my $40 realtek built in audio. Compared to all my presvious stated devices , i feel that i am listining to a large natural sound system.(something wrong i know just cant descripe it)
    But with my other devices including note 5 and dragonffly dac they feel artificial and small sound even though they have more power and more details than the realtek.

    (I am comparing with all flat eq with no tweaking)

    So i know its subjective. But tell now every pc mother board audio i hear (not just my pc since i tried some other cheap old foxcon mother boards too ) . I always have the same good feeling of the sound stage and more energitic amusing audio compared to any portable dacs i had.

    Does it have something to do with the device being powered by more voltage or something?
    So that why always pc audio no matter how chaep it is i feel its better than protable dacs?

    Maybe its my hearing though but i swear its not placepo i am not imagining thing.

    Many time i wished that realtek board built in audio can be protable for me lol.

    Hope cowon plenue D solve the issue for me :wink:
  7. musicnerd25
    He​llo everyone, I just made a full review video of the Plenue D (in perspective of an average music enthusiast). I took a lot of time making this video, as it was my first time doing video editing & making a review video as a whole. Please check it out and share it with your friends to show off how awesome Plenue D is! I hope you enjoy my video, and please feel free to give me feedbacks! Thank you for your time :)
  8. Hi-Fi'er

    Great review!
    I posted a reply on your video. Lovely nails! :D
  9. AndrewPL
    Your review is nicely done but i have to disagree with one but important thing about Plenue D. You can delete folders or songs directly from the player, here are some pictures I took showing menu with the option of deleting folders or tracks,
    cowonaut and FraterOiram like this.
  10. davidcotton
    Quick question, does the cowon have any form of bookmarking for audiobooks?
    It's between this and the sony for me, and as the sony does have that function it's a little in the lead atm.
  11. cowonaut
    Liked and replied. It's done really well and I like your focus on sound and portability - especially seeing you stash it away with your headphones in their respective hardshells :)

    From the music I see where you're browsing your library, and since you put some weight on the sound of vocals, you should totally try the Beyerdynamic Custom Street. They're a perfect match in my ears. I tuned mine with leather plates I made from an old, gorgeous looking BlackBerry case :D
    Awesome little player and a great review well earned!
  12. fish1050
    I am leaning toward the Sony A35 now that I know Sony will be selling this model in Canada.  They should be about the same price if I imported the Plenue D.  I really wish I could demo the Plenue D and at least compare it to my A17. 
  13. Hi-Fi'er
    People also seem to miss one great feature that does two things on the D. The Matrix browser. You can quickly see all your albums and the other trick is you can use it to quickly check all your missing artwork.
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  14. Luiz Santana
    Hi everyone, do you know if the Plenue D  is a good upgrade for Fiio X1?
  15. GoldenTooth
    i ordered it and it should arrive in 10 days, but since it is my first Cowon DAP i purchace , i need to know if you or anyone here in the comments can compare its SQ to ibasso dx50 , sony A17 and Dragonfly USB DAC . anyone with such experience?
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