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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. technobear

  2. BadBanana
    This should not be necessary.  Almost all of my files are in FLAC format, and most have art which is displayed correctly.  Most likely there is a problem with the image tag (format or resolution) or some other aspect of the tagging.  There is more than one way to tag FLAC files - they should be FLAC tags, not ID3 tags for example.  I use the program MP3Tag extensively and find that it works very well.  
  3. louismc
    renaming them .fla was necessary, I already use mp3tag
  4. clee290
    I don't have a ton of FLAC albums, but I have all the files with .flac extension and have no issues. A few things that might be the problem:
    1. Progressive JPEGs. I can't remember if it was the Plenue D or another player, but I ran into an issue where album covers wouldn't be displayed and found that the covers that didn't work were progressive JPEGs. Since then, I would open the cover in GIMP, resize it to 500x500 (though you don't have to do this), then export it with the Progressive option unticked. Haven't run into issues since.
    2. One thing that I found with the PD is that it stores the album's info in its memory. So if you change the metadata or album cover, the PD will see the file name and go "We already have the info for this file" so it pulls the old info of that file. That's why it may have helped when you (@louismc) changed the extension from .flac to .fla because it made the PD see it as a new file and grab the new info. I find it best to put in an empty microSD card and let the PD update (this sort of clears its memory), then put in my microSD card. Or delete the album, update, then add it back. This is just from my experience, at least.
  5. Effusion
    I have a question for all the Gold/Black version owners out there and was hoping someone might have some insight.  This may have been asked previously, so I apologize if so, but I couldn't find an answer, so I thought it might help anyone else with the same question in the future as well.
    I just ordered the Gold/Black version, however, at least to me, it appears to be more silver than gold, especially when compared to the retail photos available on the web.  Does anyone else have a Gold/Black version that really doesn't look very much like gold or the photos online, but more silver?
    Below are a few photos I've snapped of the Gold/Black player I just purchased; all were taken with a very expensive camera that has excellent color representation and no flash or post processing was done.  The ear buds that are shown with the player are the Gold/Black 1More triple drivers, which in my opinion are more of a rose gold color in certain light, but are definitely gold.
    Below are some stock online retail photos of Gold/Black version:
    I've never had an issue with distinguishing color and have passed color-blindness tests in the past, so am I just crazy or is the Gold/Black version more silver than the retail photos would indicate?  I was expecting a gold color similar to the photos online as well as to the 1More triple drivers.  I was also wondering if maybe a new production batch, which this may be from, was the culprit...
    Not a huge issue, but I just wanted to make sure I've got the correct player here, though it would have been nice if they matched the 1More triple drivers in color.
    Thanks for the help!
  6. J Kelley
    Mine is a light gold tone, not like 24k gold.
  7. Effusion
    Thanks for the reply.  For some reason mine really doesn't even seem light gold at all, just silver... unfortunately the photos were taken in low light, so the player I have is actually much brighter in person and thus even more silver in appearance than in the photos.  I didn't want to use the flash as it really looks silver then and wanted to be as neutral as possible.
    I'm starting to question all the retail photos available online, it seems that they may have doctored them to look more gold than in real-life.  Either that or the newer production has a different hue/saturation than before when the photos were taken.  If I could find a silver one locally, I could take a comparison photo to really tell the difference, which might help some.  Crazy...
  8. davidcotton
    Someone (on here?) just got a bargain.  There was one opened box one on amp3 for £123.  Had in the basket and was trying to be clever by using the discount codes.  In the time it took me to decide if I wanted to go ahead someone else already grabbed it!
  9. technobear

    That's because it is silver, not gold. Send it back.
  10. cowonaut
    I can tell from your photos that you've got the gold version because mine looks exactly the same, good color reproduction btw! It's more like silver with a slight touch towards champaign or so, right? One can tell the difference when comparing side by side to a silver version, though, because it's a really cold silver just like the power button. The gold version has indeed rather a warm silver instead of cool silver than a real gold look. I love it as it is, not too much bling bling but a nice vintage silver tone in contrast to power button and beautiful modern shape :)
  11. clee290
    It might be due to the lighting. I don't have the best lighting right now as it's dark out, but I took some photos (with my iPhone 6S) of my gold/black Plenue D.
    Under incandescent lighting, no flash:
    No incandescent lighting, with flash:
  12. Effusion
    Wow, yours does look much more gold than mine... I haven't seen even a simmer of gold in mine, except maybe in a photo in very low light.  Thanks for the photos, they really help!
    Since the lighting was bad with the first set of photos I thought I'd snap a few with the flash, which are below (not much gold in there at all, makes me wonder what the silver version truly looks like in person):
    As far as sending it back, this is actually my second unit.  I sent the original back because I believed it was a silver version in the gold retail case (no shrink-wrap).  They told me it was in fact the gold version once it was returned, so I had them send out a different unit and unfortunately it appears to be the same... just about went crazy, so thanks again to all those who have chimed in thus far!  Really wondering if it is a production issue now...
  13. FraterOiram
    It's a subtle gold, very sexy IMO. LOL I had the exact same question the day after I received mine PD.
    It looks like a different gold in different lighting settings. Not a big deal if you ask me but I understand if it doesn't look like the gold they advertise with. 
  14. Astropin

    Yeah....that's not gold. Still looks good though. If it's working fine I'd just keep it. You can always get a custom case for it also.....then the color doesn't even matter.
  15. Vitor Valeri
    Watch this video at 2 minutes and 39 seconds
    My photos of Cowon Plenue D Black/Gold
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