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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Hi-Fi'er

    ^ Agreed. The update of 1.15 is for the M not the D.
  2. Virzile
    Arrghhh could somebody help me choose between the dx80 and the plenue d pleeeease?
    I really am stuck
    I've been reading forums and tests for 2 days and i cannot make my decision!
    I'm mainly listening to electronic music (tekno/psychedelic...) but i really enjoy fusion jazz.
    I'm used to monitoring speakers (not the greatest but not the cheapest)
    What would you recommend me betwen the cowon plenue D and the ibasso dx80 ? (or anything in that pricerange but I think i've read about all :)
    Thanks !

  3. Rockin_Zombie
    These two are from slightly different classes. 
    Dx80 +
    much higher output power, if you have full-size difficult-to-drive headphones it will be useful.
    (possibly) cleaner output because uses a higher grade DAC.
    Plenue D +
    MUCH better battery life
    If your primary use is commuting and you are using IEM/easy-to-drive headphones, go and buy the Plenue. I have gone through the cycle of buying boutique DAPs like the dx80, the slight (possibly not even sure) gain in output clarity is just not worth it when you are on a train. Battery life and fun factor is much more important, the Plenue D has a upper hand in both cases. 
    If you are listening at home, I might consider the DX80. But at home I have a full system so not necessary. 
  4. louismc
    I don't have any jpg on the device
  5. louismc
    yeah found it myself too thanks
  6. Virzile
    Thanks man, I think i'm gonna go with the plenue D then =)
  7. Vitor Valeri
    There are two ways to put the cover on the songs:

    1 - Copy the image file to the album folder you want.
    2 - Use a program such as "MP3 TAG" to insert the album image into all music tracks.
    PS: No matter what format of the music track (MP3, FLAC, WAV). All support cover.
    Regarding the fact that files do not appear in FLAC, try to download the firmware again and copy again to Cowon Plenue D.

  8. FraterOiram
    He should also make sure the album art jpg/png are labeled as "cover.jpg/png" 
  9. ElKabong510
    You won't be sorry, my only complaint is the current size of 128gb micro sd. Had a 200gb ready to plug in but only read so much of the card, the rest of the music was unplayable.
    i have my 128gb maxed out and the onboard memory almost maxed. Jet Effect, possibilities are endless with presets and 4 user defined sets.  
  10. ElKabong510
    I've embedded all of my cover art., but yes it needs to be labeled as such (Cover.jpg)
  11. kfarndog
    I have both the DX80 and the Plenue D.  Both sound good to excellent  Here is my 2 cents worth.
    Benefits of DX 80: can use an external amp to drive whatever headphones and two microSD cards.  
    Benefits of Plenue D: everything else (scanning of files, battery life, equalization, ease of use, size, etc.)
    So if you mostly use easy to drive IEMs, earbuds or headphones, the Cowon will suit you fine.  If you will use the line out option, the Ibasso is nice or there are great options for not too much more.
  12. FraterOiram
    I don't know if you're using Mac Os X but I found out a few days ago that you can enter a script that allows you to view hidden folders in Mac os x. I did this because my 128gb/ 32gb was maxed out, any ways I was able to locate the trash folder hidden within the sd card/ pd and found about 40 gigs of files that were not deleted thus hogging up space.
    Once I deleted these files I suddenly had 40 extra gigs to play with.
  13. kfarndog
    Clean My Drive is a handy MacOs program that I have used for quite a while.  Automates the process you describe.
  14. Virzile

    That's what I'm worried about too but I'll have to make a music choice or wait until they update the firmawre :)
    I'll mostly use 38omhs headphones, I'll stick to the cowon then
    Thanks for your feedback :)
  15. Weaves
    FraterOiram, kfarndog, and Virzile,
    Your lasts posts are all about the size of the microsd card.
    With the Plenue D, Cowon has it maxed out at 128 or less.  You can use a 200Gb card, load it up with music and it will work- but not fully.  There will be albums, songs, etc that will NOT display in the UI search function.  You will be able to see the files in folder view, but they are unplayable.
    Do NOT buy this player if you need more space than 128Gb, until Cowon releases a firmware fix.  Given that the player has been out about a year, it seems unlikely they will fix.
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