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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. liyzag1
    i listen at 100 / 100 wit the rox 1 
  2. seanjoe
    Mine, UERR. 35/100. For hifiman edition X, 55/100.
    Plenue D too bright ????
    Something wrong..
  3. FraterOiram
    Did you format the sd card?
  4. Hi-Fi'er

    Something is wrong the PD is not bright at all, it's a tad warm. On scale of 1-10, a 1 or 2 on the warmth scale. Maybe the type of music you are listening to or the format or recording maybe the culprit.
  5. seanjoe
    No, I just reply the comment above. Yes, my D sounds warm and best friend of my HEX. Thanks
  6. Maideen Haja
    When the first time I heard Fiio X1 it was paradise. Then I bought the Fiio Olyumpus for my PC. then Fii0 X1 when crazy, So I bought Cowan Plenue D.
    After the firmware upgrade then it sound nice. funny when I add SD card it can't read. So I have to use a third party SDformat, to format the SD.
    Now I  order the Acoustic Research M20  hi res player, it should be great. I was eying the Acoustic Research speaker for years.
    Earlier I intend to upgrade to Cowon P1 Plenue. But so many people is selling it away. why? so I drop the idea and go for Acoustic Research M20.
  7. louismc
    Aany idea why my cowon plenue D is not showing flac and that when playing mp3 it doesn't show the right cover art?
    I use firmware 1.14, and I have 1250 files or so, flac are usually 1 bit 44.1khz some are 24bit 192khz none are showing.
  8. EvilJesus
    The cover art could be because of folder art jpeg in the folder.  For some reason when album art jpeg is in the album folder it causes the PD to show random art.  I have no idea about FLAC files.
  9. Virzile
    Does anyone has allready tested the new firmware? (v1.15 b2)
    It says that the output voltage has been lowered from 1175 mV@32 ohms to 150mV@32Ohms !!!!
    It's a HUGE drop, will this affect my listening in any way? (Thinking to buy one soon, still hesitating with the ibasso DX80)
    Does the player will still be able to output @ 1175mV ???!!! (My headphones are Audiotechnica's ATH-m50x@38ohms)
    If not was is the point of having such a output power if not to be able to use it?
    What europeen norms !
    PS: I enjoy listening to all sort of music from electronic (tekno, acid, trance) to jazz what would you advise me ? I'm hesitating between the dx80 and the plenue D
    Thanks !!
  10. amf14
    It's from the french Cowon website... I wouldn't touch that update!
  11. Virzile
    What if when I buy the player the update is allready installed?
    I'll not be able to drive my headphones right?
  12. Vitor Valeri
    You can downgrade the firmware easily...
    You can also download the firmwares on the cowon global website (any version).
  13. Virzile
    Okay thanks, I guess i'll stick with the US firmware then :)
  14. slider22

    Try changing the file extension from .flac to fla. Im having the same problem I sort of solved it using this method.
  15. FraterOiram
    I just checked Cowon Global and the website does not have Firmware 1.15 on the list so be careful.
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