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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. BadBanana
    Try taking a photo in good daylight.  Under artificial light you are trying to balance with the colour temperature of the lighting, and if it's LED or cold-cathode based then the light is a very unbalanced mixture of hues which mostly trick the brain into thinking the light is something close to white.  Such lights often come out worse with cameras.  Under artificial light my Plenue D mostly looks like yours, but mine is definitely a light gold in day-light, although not the rose-gold colour that your ear buds seem to have. 
  2. Helfried
    That's the gold-version - mine looks the same. And it looks good.
  3. technobear
    Yep, I'm changing my view after the newer photos. You do have the gold version.

    I have a silver one here and the top plate is the same colour as the power button.

    It would seem it isn't as golden as the promo shots would imply but then again perhaps a photo in natural daylight would tell a different story.

    Whatever it's a great little player. I love mine with a pair of fairly humble Sony EX650 (the brass ones).
  4. mdtolic
    I hadn't yet realized how much the gold color changes in different light.  It's actually kind of neat.  Anyhow, is there a reason most folks here seem to use IEMs with their PD?
  5. Taggerung
    You're probably the minority even outside this thread. The point of these palm-sized daps (and daps in general, imo) is for a max portability setup. What else would pair better with them than iems/earbuds?
  6. Effusion
    Thanks for all the feedback, links, and videos.  It appears to me that the color of the gold version may have changed recently in their production, as clee290's player is what I was expecting according to the retail photos prior to my purchase.  In the photos clee290 posted, that player is without a doubt very much gold and mine has not looked even close to it at any point in time so far.  In addition, one real crazy thing that I've noticed is that clee290's photos clearly show the Plenue text as a tan/gold color, which is consistent with the retail photos, however the text on my player is without a doubt gray and not tan at all, in any light thus far.  Referring to the retail photos, the text on the silver version actually looks very much gray to me.  I've also noticed, according to the photos I've seen online including the retail ones, the top power button does not look like the same shade of silver as the top of the sliver/black player, but is a shade or two lighter.
    I was able to take a few more shots today, just after noon; although, since it is winter here, the angle of the sun isn't the greatest, but no flash or post processing was done and it is natural light.  The first and fourth photos have given me the closest color to a very light champagne gold yet, but it may have been the angle of the sun or my camera adjusting to the macro shot as well as the rose-gold contrast of the ear-buds.
    I hope this helps anyone else who purchases the Gold/Black version in the near future to not be confused if their player looks more like mine, rather than the retail photos or like clee90's player.  I think it would be great if Cowon could take newer unprocessed photos of this version as to avoid any confusion after consumers purchase.  My main worry was that it could have been a knockoff or different production run in a different country and was also worried about this since the shrink-wrap I've seen in unboxing videos was nonexistent on my package.  If it might have just been an issue with a recent production run of this version, however, if so I also would have preferred to know beforehand, eventhough it probably would have not affected my purchasing of it very much.
    Not a huge deal at all in the end, but I do prefer to know exactly what I'm getting beforehand on purchases over $50 and it would have avoided a lot of confusion if I was expecting a silverish player with a light gold tint in certain natural and artificial light; as well as at certain angles as others have stated.  Although it may be hard to tell from only two photos, but clee290's player does not look to have this issue and appears to me to be similar to the retail photos.
    Thanks again to all that provided input.  I will now be making sure the player works correctly and will let the group know if I have any questions.
  7. Vitor Valeri
    This is the photo that best highlights the golden color. It looks more to the champagne color than gold like jewelry.
  8. Effusion
    Wow, yes that is gold and very nice indeed... I really wish mine was that color.
    Do you see how the Plenue text is tan in color?  The one I received, as well as the one I originally sent back, are both gray in color, not tan at all like this picture.
    Really makes one wonder what happened on the production line for these new units.
    Thanks for sharing!
  9. FraterOiram
    I would worry more if the PD didn't work. 
    In my opinion I think it all depends on the lighting around you. Some days my PD looks gold, other days it looks like yours (still looks gold to me) but it all depends on the lighting environment I'm in.
    The sound that comes from this player still knocks me off my shoes! 
  10. OldRockr1
    Greetings All.  I am new to both the forum and the Cowon PD.  I recently bought one to replace my Sony A17 which saw a huge battery drop off after 1 year.  Before that player I was an Apple guy who had 6 or 7 different ipods over the years.  I have to say I am really enjoying the PD over the past two weeks.  I initially loaded it with some flac and mp's of the same albums to check and see if I could hear the difference (which I couldn't) and am currently in the process of loading up the 128gb card with 320 mp3's.  
    I really am liking the sound of this player with my Beyer Dynamic DT-770's (32 OHM).  Really nice sound that seems a bit more open than the A17.  I guess the best way to describe it is just an over all cleaner reproduction.  
    Cover art shows up most of the time as long as it was encoded by dbPoweramp.  Most of my files that need to be played gapless do in fact seem to be almost perfectly gapless.  There is the occasional issue but nothing awful.
    Thanks to all of you who have been posting here.  Your comments really helped me make my decision to purchase the PD much easier.
  11. Effusion
    Thanks for the response!  Yes, correct, if the player did not work, to me, that would most certainly be a big problem and more than just a worry!  [​IMG]
    I just wanted to make sure I didn't have a knock-off manufacture, etc., which to me if it was would have been more than a worry as well.  In addition, I was hoping this might help someone else avoid confusion when purchasing a gold/black version currently, as it could be like the one I received.
    I'm hoping that one day it will start to at least look a little champagne in some light like yours does... maybe I need to leave it out in the sun or something?  Only thing I can think of trying at this point... would be truly crazy if it worked!
    Did you happen to purchase your player recently?  Is the Plenue text tan like in the photo Vitor Valeri posted above?  Does the text change color as the player does in some light?
    I just remembered that I have a nice Raynox macro lens for my camera, so I decided to take a few pictures with it and without it of the Plenue text, which is very much gray in color on my unit (it is nighttime right now, so the lighting without the flash is a warm LED bulb, which makes photos look more red a hazy overall; hence why I took some with the flash):
    Without macro lens and with flash:
    With macro lens, no flash:
    With macro lens and with flash:
    According to what I've seen so far, the gold unit's text should be quite tan, while the silver version should be gray.  What I have is the gold/black version (already returned one), so it is a bit crazy that along with the silver like finish, the text is also quite gray.
    Thanks again for the input... I think a true answer to the differences with this particular unit would be if I could find someone with an older gold/black unit locally and take a photo side by side.
  12. donoli74
    Can i connect this dap on my usb connection in my car?
  13. technobear

    The car player should see it as a USB drive but will likely only see the internal memory, not the micro SD card.

    Much easier to get a USB SD card reader and plug that into the car with a suitable micro SD card.

    If you mean to use the Plenue D as a player in the car, then no that won't work. Use the 3.5mm input instead.
  14. donoli74
    I have also line in input connection in the car.Will that work?
  15. HiFiChris Contributor
    Sure. Playback control has to be done directly on the Plenue D though, which might not be safe (-> distraction) depending on the current driving situation.
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