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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. donoli74
    So if i plug jack into headphone connector en the other end into my line in connector of car stereo then i can use equalizer of the plenue d on my car stereo?
  2. Hi-Fi'er

  3. FraterOiram
    Hey there, I bought my PD about a month and a half ago so it's fairly new, the type is a dark tan, changes color depending on lighting, and it seems to be etched into the gold bar of the player:  IMG_20161213_211002.jpg
    Color Shots (sorry for the crappy lighting):
    Indoors it comes off as a gold color but in daylight it appears as rose gold color. Pretty cool effect. Hope that helps.
  4. Effusion
    Wow, that's more of what I was expecting and the text looks to be right compared to the other photos I've seen... a month and a half is also very new.  Even the first photo, which appears to be a bit less of a gold color than the other photos, has the text as a darker tan instead of darker gray like mine...
    Would you mind sending me the details of the seller you bought it from in a private message to me?  I might just return this one, sadly once again, and try to see if I can get a different batch from someone else... I'm trying to be respectful to the seller I bought it from and not blabber their name out here since they do a lot of business with these players, etc., but in the end if I can get one that is like yours I'd be happier (I don't go through players often, as this is only my second one ever, so I did buy it with the intent to use it exclusively for a very long time and it would be best to get what I wanted initially).
    Thank you for the photos and response, this really helps!  Even though it makes me feel once again that I somehow got someones production mess-ups... [​IMG] 
  5. FraterOiram
    No problem, do what you have to do man, it'll all be worth it in the long run [​IMG]
  6. sleepingawake
    I just received my Plenue D. I will make a review soon. Even though UI looks nice, it lacks some features.
    - Is there any queue option? It is very important for me, since i was using poweramp software. Or how can i add single file, without changing now playing?
    - How can you change favorites name?
    - How do you create playlist?
    Search function is so slow, scrolling is better I hope they can improve search speed in updates.
    Also there is no crossfade in tracks. What is gapeless playback?
  7. technobear

    Gapless playback is playback without gaps.

    Some albums are meant to be heard as one long track even though they are divided into tracks for user convenience.

    These include live performances, prog rock classics like 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' and DJ mixed dance albums.
    sleepingawake likes this.
  8. playininjapan
    Does a car stereo USB mode recognize the Plenue D? I have an Alpine system if that makes any difference.  If so what is the sound difference between using the  headphone out as opposed to the USB connector?
    Thanks in advance/
  9. technobear

    The Plenue D is a USB client. The car stereo is a USB host.

    The Plenue D should go into connected mode and behave as a USB drive.

    The hardware/firmware in the car stereo will probably only recognise the one drive (the internal memory) and not the micro SD card (external memory) as it was only designed for USB sticks and USB card readers.

    You cannot set the Plenue D playing and use the car stereo as a USB DAC. That is the wrong way round. The PD doesn't support USB DACs and the car stereo doesn't have that function either.

    If you want to play music on the Plenue D in the car then use the headphone output and the 3.5mm input (LINE IN, AUX IN).
  10. playininjapan

    That's what I thought, your explanation is the perfect response.  Great to know!
  11. egmond
    I bought my Plenue D six months ago now. Great player. But one disappointment: one of the little screws at the bottom side is already rusty. Anybody with the same issue?
    (image missing)
  12. imserious
    yeah mine too
  13. FraterOiram
    Do you guys have the protective case?
  14. Hi-Fi'er

    Nope. Put Corrosion X on it and you will be 100% safe. Corrosion X is safe on electronics too.
  15. BadBanana
    I just looked at doing this with my VW Passat.  Yes, it works quite well.  You have to power up the Plenue D if it has gone to sleep before the car head-unit will see it, but after that I was able to select and play my files.  Additionally, my VW Discover Pro head-unit was able to see both the internal 32GB flash memory in the player as well as the micro-SD card.  As technobear wrote, many car units will only see one or the other.  In my case, the head unit could also build a database of the player's contents allowing me to select by artist, album etc from the head-unit's controls.  I doubt that I will use the Plenue D in this way very often, but it's good to know that it can be done.
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