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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. mdtolic
    Thank You! 
  2. Ghisy
    1.15 is a firmware for France only. Cowon had to update it according to the French law because the Plenue D was too "powerful" (too loud basically). It basically limits its loudness so it's not wise to install it.
    I've stayed on 1.14 on my Korean unit and about to update to 1.17.
  3. mdtolic
    Really? I'm pretty certain is was purchased from JetAudio through Amazon and it said USA (or possibly N. America).  1.15 was pre-installed; I didn't do that myself.  

    Edit: Seems the Cowon Global site is down?

    Edit 2: Working as of 30 min ago.
  4. cowonaut
    Installed it but doesn't seem to make any difference. In the changelog they say it addressed an error parsing the genre tag.
    Tag delimiters in genre still not working unfortunately.
    Max. volume seems about the same as before the update. All settings incl. BBE+ still intact.
  5. svenbit
    Does anybody know if Plenue D has queue feature (add track to next / last) or can you create new playlist from the device itself without PC?
  6. AndrewPL
    Hi , there is no such thing like queue feature but you can add your fav songs to the playlist and you can create 10 different playlists
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  7. svenbit
    Thanks for the info! I guess it's similar to Sony A Series bookmark feature. And it's good to know that you can create playlists on the go from the device itself, would be rather troublesome if you need  to use PC to create new playlists.
  8. Cassius1
    Hey all, 
    I juts got my PD from advancedMP3players yesterday and I already have an issue with mine.
    My PD while turning on just says "Reseource Load Fail" without an SD in or it gets stuck on Database update with the SD card in.
    I've tried doing the dual volume button reset but that doesn't work.
    It was working fine yesterday, I put a few albums on but after i tried formatting my Micro SD via Disk Utility (mac), this happened.
    Anyone know a fix (or i'll have to send it back)?
    Thanks for looking at this.
  9. davidcotton

    Might be an issue with your tags.  Have you a windows pc you could try formatting the sd card in just to see if that's it (or another card for that matter)? 
  10. roadrat

    Has anyone compared the PD vs. PonoPlayer? Curious to know which has better SQ.

  11. Mmet
    fwew.... after reading the 255 pagea of this thread I can't decide yet if i want the PD or not !!! my main setup is : galaxy S3>> digital out >>> RSA the predator dac/amp .. which i still love and probably is a keeper for life
    i had walkman A15 .. was great but not a keeper . my iem is shure se535 and headphone : hd598 .
    i am deciding between PD and onkyo dp-x1a i know it is 3times the price but if it vastly better i can hold and save some cash for it later if not would go for PD as my budget is limited already ! i am looking for clarity..sound stage .. neutrality ..as my predator is warm and very musical so i want some change in my daps portable devices
  12. BadBanana
    clarity..sound stage .. neutrality...
    Clarity - yes.
    Sound stage - for me, excellent.
    Neutrality - depends how you measure it, but I would say yes -  the multiple EQ options allow a wide range of customisation.  
    I haven't tried the Onkyo, and I am sure it's good, but the Plenue D is in a different league in terms of physical size and battery life.  Personally I'd find it hard to justify buying the Onkyo given the price of the D.
  13. Mmet
    thanks for reply ... my neutrality and clarity  reference is the Walkman F806 ( if any one here used it before ) ... it was very CLEAR and forward sounding ... but a little under powered and the lake of hardware buttons led me to sell it hence the getting onkyo idea as it well known for its clarity and some finds it fatiguing .. yes the F was fatiguing too but i can handle it 
  14. LCMusicLover
    First, let me say that while I've only had my PD for a couple of weeks, I like it very much.  Battery life is great, power is plentiful (although none of my IEMs or headphones are very demanding), and the array of EQ choices is amazing (bewildering?).  If you look back in this thread, you'll see that I struggled to get external playlists working, but did solve that problem, although the limitation that the playlist can only access tracks on the same device was a bit annoying.  In all, a great value, and likely to be my on-the-go player for years.
    However, in 'Normal' mode (EQ off), I would not call it neutral -- rather, tending toward the warm side.  And I would call it more 'musical' than 'analytical' -- perhaps too close to the RSA rig you currently use.  
    BTW, I'm currently auditioning the PM2.  I'd say it has a very similar signature, slightly more detail with more definition AND depth in the soundstage, and an even MORE bewildering array of EQ choices.  Battery life is (to me) unacceptable.  In all, not enough delta to justify the price jump ($725 vs $200).  And NO playlist support, which is close to a deal-breaker for me.
    My suggestion would be to buy one from Amazon and take advantage of the Prime return policy if you decide it's not for you.
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  15. Mmet
    thanks a lot for your reply ... the thing is i am from outside the US (Egypt ) , i don't have an account in amazon and i have to import all my stuff through intermediary companies and takes about a month to get anything from outside .. so it is one shot [​IMG] i have to choose wisely .. by the way i am not interested in upper models of Cowon ... D is the most appealing to me for the battery, design , price and of course the audio quality and BBE things i have to make sure that the sound sig is what i am searching for ... is there any D alternatives at the same price range that sound slightly bright and forward ? and can i change the sound sig of the D without being artificial ? as i love hardware equalizers not the digital ones and the only digital eq that i liked are : sony walkman eqs and their clear bass or the neutron eq which is so good too .... never tried Cowon BBE stuff 
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