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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. ReaperX13
    Just made the purchase with case from my local audio retailer. Online purchase though so will be waiting for shipping (which is free). Keen for a new toy. My J3 is getting tired methinks.. :p.
  2. LCMusicLover
    Oh, that's a hassle.
    I don't know of any DAPs with similar batter life.  Also, the EQ on the D is customizable, so you can probably create the sound sig you want.  I think the EQ does a good job of modifying the sound without introducing distortion or other artifacts.
  3. Mmet
    it seems like that to me too ... thanks for your replies .. think will give the PD a chance soon if i was certain that their is no player with my aimed signature even with lower battery life [​IMG]
  4. fish1050
    Only DAP that would fit would be the Sony A Series A10 to A30 series.  The new A30 series is priced higher but if you can find one the A16 or A17 would be in your price range.  Plus you get bluetooth and some pretty good sound enhancements if that is your thing.  The sound is definitely more neutral than the stock PD sound. 
  5. rzultan
    Apologies if this came up before. I couldn't find anything by searching.
    I make sure to extract the covers to a cover.jpg file in each folder. However, I have some folders with collections of singles, each with its own cover in the tag. Is there a way to get PD to show these covers?
  6. Taran2ula

  7. BadBanana
    You don't need to use folder.jpg files - all of the files on my PD with art have the art in the tags.  I use jpg images up to 800x800 pixels in my FLAC and AAC files and have no problems with album art being displayed.
  8. Cassius1

    I tried using other SD cards but with the same issue. 
    There was something wrong with the player itself, it wouldn't even function without the SD card.
    Tried putting the older versions of the firmware which didn't work.
    It's been bricked for around a week but AdvancedMP3players will be replacing it and I can't wait.
    For the first 24 hours which it worked I really enjoyed it.
    The UI isn't as slow as people make it out to be, as an apple user for over a decade it was easy to adjust, i put a few greatest hit albums with around 30 songs each and it wasn't difficult scrolling.
    I played a few albums on repeat to burn in the device and I loved the sound, I did a quick run through the different EQ settings and I ended up leaving it on Classical for  Dave Grohl's Sound City album. 
    I don't have fancy headphones, some old Sony in-ears, B&W P3, Marley in ears but I ended up using my Apple EarPods as they were in my pocket when I got the player. They sounded perfectly fine, now i'm believing a better player/ DAC contributes to the overall SQ rather than headphones (I may be wrong, I don't know much about music players).
    I've been forced to use my iPhone again for the last week and I actually miss the sound of the PD which I only used for a couple hours.
    I should be getting my replacement in a few days so I can do a better review but all I know right is now my iPhone 5 sounds awful.
  9. rzultan
    Thanks. I checked again, and indeed some covers appear and some don't. I used mp3tag to download covers from amazon on top of the covers that were already in the tag, and lo and behold, the new covers appear. 
  10. BadBanana
    Cool.  That suggests a problem with the original tags.  I use mp3tag all of the time to clean up my tags.  It's a really powerful tool once you get into it - I even made a couple of donations to the author.  
  11. rzultan
    I used mp3tag for the original tags as well, but from various sources. Maybe the original images weren't compatible in some way. 
  12. Hi-Fi'er

    +1 The images are the issue nothing else. I didn't have artwork for some of my artist and I had to Google it to find some. When I did I resized them and applied them with MP3Tag and still didn't work. I deleted the image and went back to Amazon found the CD and copied that image and resized it and it worked. So yes there is some identification tag in the picture MP3Tag that is needed. I 100% can confirm that.
  13. BadBanana
    To be honest, I am not sure quite what you mean by "identification tag in the picture that is needed".  I sometimes use photos that I have taken of CD inserts, or I use images that I have downloaded from all over the place, but in almost all cases I clean them up / crop / resize / etc using Photoshop or similar, so by the time I have finished with them they are very much plain jpegs without any other specific embedded metadata.  I find that they work well when applied as album art tags to my audio files, and not just in the PD but also in many other players, including iPod, car audio, a number of media streaming devices, apps etc. The only thing I try to be sure of is that the resolution is not too high (I use 800 x 800 since that's the limit for my car audio) and I try to keep the size of the jpeg below 400k - 500k bytes.
  14. Hi-Fi'er

    I agree and that is what I do, but there were times when all that did not work when I used a pic I found online. Have no explanation other than when tried another picture it worked.
  15. Mmet
    do any one had walkman ZX-1 before to compare with it ?
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