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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Riscky85
    Hello everybody,
    just joined this forum because I am desperate with a purchase I was enthusiast (and still am in some ways) until few days ago. I recently bought a PD, and upgraded to the 1.17v of the firmware. The problem is not directly connected to the firmware, which I just upgraded wishing it would solve my problem but it did not. I tried reading extensively the forum wishing to find the answer without bothering anybody, but even following all the advice I found here I did not manage to solve my problem that is sd card connected.
    Let's first say that I have a Mac, thus I was unable to follow the great majority of advice regarding formatting using guiformat insofar as there is no Mac version for it.
    I bought a 128gb (the top readable as far as I can read) sd card and when I first put it in the player it worked fine.[​IMG] I put songs inside and could see the card from the device (yes, minor problems with the file labeling and categorization, but really, as long as I'll be able to listen to my music I will not be that picky about these kinds of problems).
    I saw an extremely low charging process but still, after loading the files inside I could play and listen to them from the device. I then decided to charge files in my card without having the device connected to my Mac and I put the card in a reader. Unfortunately there was a problem during the copying of the files and everything crashed. This resulted in the card loosing even the files that I charged before, so I decided to format the sd card and start all new.
    I connected the card to the Mac and formatted it FAT32 as I read everywhere (I formatted it both from within the device or from within the card reader), but now, does not matter which file I put inside the card, the device will not recognise the card anymore. I would like you to notice that when I connect the device to my laptop it reads normally the two storages, one is "Plenue D" and the other "Sd Card", with the second having all the files charged inside.[​IMG]
    I do not think the card is broken or anything because otherwise it would not be read by the laptop either.
    Please give me some advice. Tell me if I am doing anything wrong.
    I cannot survive with only the 30gb storage of the internal memory.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. BadBanana
    I can't help with the Mac side - I have no clue about Mac software.  
    You say you put the card in a reader. Are you sure that the card reader is compatible with SDXC cards?  Many cheaper or older readers might only support SDHC for example.  That might be one way to corrupt the file-system on the card.  I use the Kingston MobileLite G3 and G4 readers for SDXC cards and that works well for me with the card that I use in my Plenue D.  I also have the older G2 version of that reader, but it only supports SDHC (32GB maximum).
  3. Riscky85
    thank you for your reply first of all. The reader was sold with the card so it should be compatible. Yet, from what you write a doubt arises in me: are you implying that the PD will ONLY read micro SDXC and not HC? Because as I read I went to check and my card is actually HC.
    If you are correct though, this wouldn't explain why I could use it right after buying it.
    Thank you.
  4. Cassius1

    What micro SD card did you get?
    SDHC is limited to 32GB while SDXC can be 32gb + as mentioned.
    If your SD card is SDHC and 128gb, it could possibly be a fake card.
    I don't know much about high res audio, but as a photographer I know for large amount of data you'll be wanting the fastest cards on offer.
    I recommend getting Sandisc Plus or Pro models or Lexar professional micro SDs.
    I stick to any micro SDXC U3 cards as they're fast enough to record 4K video which should definitely be fast enough for high res audio in a PD.
  5. mdtolic
    I followed @smellofsunshine's directions in post #796 for formatting the card (2x, in the player) using a Macbook and it worked perfectly for me. I do think it needs to be SDXC though.
  6. Riscky85

    it was the first time I had to buy stuff for hi-res, and despite being in love with photography myself too I admit I never paid too much attention to what card was inside my camera. After a quick search though I confirmed what you said and it looks like my card shouldn't exist.
    It stays the fact though that both my laptop and my PD (once connected to the laptop) recognise the card as a 128gb.
    At this point, I'll try to fight with it a bit more and see if I can get something out of it, or I'll call it a defeat and admit that I got scammed with a fake card that won't work on my device.
  7. Riscky85
    The method:
    requires sdcardformatter (which has no specification about how to work on Sierra), and guiformat that is only .exe file thus made only for windows. How did you work it out on a mac?
  8. mdtolic
    Now I'm seconD guessing myself.
  9. Nebucatnetzer
    Ah well I bought mine again today.
    I recently got a new smartphone (Oneplus 3) and tested a lot of music on it.
    However I was still thinking about the Plenue all the time.
    The shop where I bought it still had the exact same unit
    but the price dropped quite a bit  since the last time so I bought it again :see_no_evil:.
    Hopefully I don't regret it
  10. Cassius1
    There are many fake micro SDs and they're mostly low capacity or slower cards with the cards programmed to lie to your computer giving a false larger capacity so they'll show the "correct" capacity on your computer however it has a smaller capacity. 
    You can test your 128gb SD by attempting to store 128gb worth of data. If it's fake, it'll only copy what it can and not all.
    Here's a nice article about fake cards: here
    I would play it safe and get a new card. 
  11. BadBanana
    Not implying that, no.  The PD can read SDHC and SDXC quite happily.  My comment was based on what I often see when people switch to larger cards - they find that their card reader won't work with the card and can cause corruption of the card if it's not compatible.  Reformatting the card in compatible reader generally solves the problem.  However, if that had happened, you'd probably need to reformat in a different external reader rather than trying to use the PD to do it,since once the card is corrupt, he PD firmware probably won't make it available via the USB anyway.
    I see some have suggested the card might be fake - could be, but you can check.  Best tool for that job is a utility called H2testw.  It will fill the card and then verify that it can all be read back again.
  12. Poimandre
    So my Plenue D was playing up (headphone jack only outputting to right side) and my dad opened it up. He managed to fix the jack problem, but when he was putting it back together one of the strips that connects to the volume/power/play buttons broke... how boned am I exactly? Is there any info out there on getting these players fixed, or getting replacement parts? 
    I assume I'm totally up **** creek here. What a pain.
  13. Hi-Fi'er

    Probably up the creek as parts are not something you can go to the local electronics store and say I need this part from Cowon. You have 5 options (maybe more):

    1. Sell it to a sucker who needs parts or won't care.
    2. If dad was savvy enough to open maybe can be savvy enough to Mickey Mouse it to work. Solder thin wires to make a connection?
    3. Contact Cowon for parts and see if available.
    4. Contact Cowon and send in for repair.
    5. If under warranty lie and plea and beg you messed with it and know you voided the warranty and if it's under warranty maybe they can exchange it. If not under warranty see #3 or #4.

    Some all or none maybe applicable.
  14. Poimandre

    Thanks for the advice. It wouldn't surprise me if it's a part common to other Cowon players, but the innards of the Plenue D don't seem well documented at all.
    The player wasn't even a year old. Usually warranty would be an option, but I purchased it in Japan so I'm out of luck there.
    I'll look into it further, and try to contact Cowon directly.
    I'm pretty gutted. I loved my Plenue D and the build quality seemed great.
  15. ReaperX13
    Just got my Plenue D. I'm surprised at the stark difference between it and my aging J3. Very nice build, little bulky though especially with the case. 
    Couple sluggish moments already but I imagine I need to update the firmware too. 

    Does anyone use a screen protector on theirs? 
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