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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. FraterOiram
    Hi all, I tried looking all over this giant thread for the answer to my question and can't seem to find it anywhere. How does the Plenue D stack up with a pair of UE 4pros? Thanks in advance!
  2. gnoudmahp
    Hi everyone, I've ordered a PD and it should be coming in 2 days...enjoying my waiting-for-a-new-toy feeling :D
    I do have an senn ie8 and sony a25, the combi is quite good but it supposed to be better with the PD. Has someone tested the senn ie8 with the PD? 
    I'm open to hear some recommendations about upgrading from senn ie8, I'm in love with it for almost 5 years because of its soundstage and clear treble. Now I would try something similar in range 300$-500$ :D
    Thanks and cheers[​IMG]
  3. whatislife
    If you're still a fan of the ie8 sound, then go for the direct upgrade, the ie80. It's basically the ie8 with less boom when the dial is turned up, and ever so slightly more extended treble. 
  4. calpiyuki
    Anyone here would like to share their eq settings with se846? My current set up is: 80-8 wide, 220-3 normal, 780-5 narrow, 3.0kz-5 normal, 13kz-8 wide, bbe-4, machbass-2, 3D-2, mp-off, reverb off. That's pair with a se846 with blue filter mod(only one of the two foam filter was removed from each ear piece).

    Thanks guys :blush:
  5. MrOTL
    this is my favorite one too...
  6. seanjoe
    Fiio E12A should be just fine. If you like warm sound.. but basicly PD sounded warm already. Want a diff night and day sound, try vorzuge pure 2+. It's a little beast amp.
  7. meringo
    Hi All, I'm looking to buy one of these and noticed they are in only a handful of stores, in limited quantity. Any rumors of a new model? If not, what is the best source of purchase here in the US?
  8. FraterOiram
    I just picked one up at Amazon.com through JetAudio for 199$ plus tax, I believe they ship out of California. The 199$ was for the Gold/Black option. 
    I cannot answer your question about the rumors. Good luck!
  9. Rockin_Zombie
    Yes amazon is your best bet. 199 is a great deal for this player. Cowon releases players quite frequently, so I am sure there will be an update soon. However, their focus seems to be on boutique players with high power/short battery life/high price right now, so may be not. 
  10. davidcotton

    Yep figures because over here in the uk it's £199!
  11. meringo
    O Cool... yeah, I might go that route. I much prefer the silver/black aesthetic, but not for $40 more. Thanks!
  12. FraterOiram
    Yea I was thinking the same thing. No problem man.
  13. leo5111
    Get the Plenue D off Amazon sure, there may be another player coming but the Plenue  D sounds GREAT, if you wait for the next thing there is allways something around the corner, so its a endless Circle, just get the Plenue D now and be happy [​IMG] 
  14. meringo
    SO after further review, I decided to opt out of the purchase. I got real excited about the size, sound, touchscreen, and price but there is a glaring issue --- It doesn't fully support 200gb memory cards. Apparently, it only registers 128gb max, although you can still access the files in the folder views. One of my primary reasons for this purchase was to have all my FLAC in one place and just hit shuffle. I'm going to hold off until they update the firmware or come out with a revision that does this.
    Soooo close to joining this family, but have to wait just a little longer.
  15. Hi-Fi'er

    Read a few posts back. It was stated it supports 200GB cards.
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