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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. jellyjam

    Hmm thank you for the explanation
    I already have the Ath im70 and akg k420 using cowon s9..

    Definitely and generally i prefer and like the sound of akg k420 much more.

    Depending on this any headphone suggestion that will use full potential and will be a real update with plenue d?
  2. Vitor Valeri
    My friend has the Cowon J3 and bought the Cowon Plenue D (at the same time I bought). He has the ATH-IM70 and loved the result!
  3. GilZ
    Hi guys,
    Got my Cowon Plenue D for a week now.....and [​IMG] definitely a great device !
    I come from a  Fairphone2 + Fiio E18 Kunlun on Philips S2 combo.
    I always found smartphones sound pretty mediocre, Sony Sola was really bad, Samsung S3 and now Fairphone2 are OK but you don t feel any life and lack of power.
    Plugged to FiioE18, it gives a nice upgrade, Bass is finally here, Voices get some life, trebles are under control, power is here.
    Problem with this kind of combo as portable usage is the F$§%ing awful µ-USB jack [​IMG] and size factor. My FP2 is a brick [​IMG]....so plugged with FiiO was too much and USB from FiiO was starting to get some bad contacts.
    I broke my Philips S2....my phone "jumped out" of my pocket and the jack plug preserved it from a hard impact [​IMG] but the jack didn t appreciate so much [​IMG]
    So idea was to go for a nice quality sound and form factor DAP and some good intras:
    Cowon PD + AudioTechnica CKR10 
    http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/headphones/df517c93c488bb58/index.html  (12ohms, 150$ on eBay)
    and DAMN good surprise, it s a real upgrade from what I had !
    More soudstage, more precise, clear and balanced sound, need to push slightly trebles with EQ .....and just pleasure !
    form factor is unbelievable ! nearly too small in fact ! 
    Screen react quite slowly and UI could be improved but I am not playing VideoGames on it so fine to me [​IMG]
    If someoone have any info regarding how BBE and other EQ works ?
    Rem: Not enough juice to drive Sennheiser HD650 (300ohms).
  4. Niyologist
    The Cowon PD + GS G11. Excellent combination.
  5. jellyjam
    Oh, nice.
    Can cowon plenue d drive ath r70x pro fully, without any amplifier?
  6. Niyologist

    Hardly. The R70x has an impedance rating of 470 ohms. The Cowon PD can drive headphones up to 300 ohms.
  7. Niyologist

    If you looking for a Push and Pull IEM. Check out the Trinity Audio Phantom Master 4.
  8. jellyjam
    Hmm what amp should be using with d to drive Rx70 than, thanks for the information:)
  9. Niyologist

    I'm not sure. I have a the Fiio E17K. I don't think that will be enough. You might need the Fiio E12. Or something stronger and cleaner sounding.
  10. Vitor Valeri
    Buy the new FiiO A5. =D
  11. Niyologist

    Yeah. That's probably a better amp.
  12. leo5111
    is the a5 any better then the e12?
  13. Niyologist

    I read that it's much more powerful and sounds somewhat cleaner.
  14. leo5111
    where is this? i mean i saw the power rating looks VERY close to the e12, thanks for input [​IMG]
  15. Niyologist

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