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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. meringo
    Do you mean this one? From a week ago?
    "I celebrated too early. 200gb card is no go. A lot of messages " this file is unplayable" and ultimately after 2-3 songs player would just freeze - exactly the same behaviour as my Ibasso DX90. Total number of songs is 9870 of which 2/3 were on the card . No issues with 128gb card and total number of files is bellow 7000"
  2. Soundtrap

    Nope, it doesn't. I tried few times applying different techniques to try to trick the player, but it results in player freezing and requiring reset. So 200gb is no go. 128Gb works fine, which is what Cowon states in their manual.
  3. meringo
    I hope that changes. I settled for a Fiio X3ii. There just isn't anything else in this price range worth looking at. It's too bad, as the Cowon looks as if it kicks the Fiios butt.
  4. ElKabong510
    I am hoping it changes also, i really like my PD, i happened on a used A&K Jr. for about the same price as a PD, it does support 200gb micro plus the 64gb on board mem, if it does not get support from newer firmware, i won't be too sad, as it is still a great little DAP.
  5. Hi-Fi'er

    Sorry I was referring to the P1. I am on both threads. I was thinking that thread. People were also saying it does not support 200GB as the D but someone stated they used a Samsung 200GB and it played all songs.

    Originally Posted by Spineur1

    I had this card for the past 3 weeks, and all the tracks played flawlessly.
  6. BadBanana
    Has anyone recently managed to create a logon on the Cowon global website?  I have tried countless times and I never get any acknowledgement emails to allow the process to complete,  I have tried sever different email accounts with different providers, checked all the spam folders, but I have not received a single email.  It's almost as though their site thinks it's sending the emails but they never actually get sent.
    I want to join the push for having the Plenue D support cards of 256GB (and upwards).  It's as though they don't realise that high-resolution files can be rather large.  
  7. Hi-Fi'er

    I had the same issue. When I used a generic email address it worked (email recieved) but when I first tried using my @aol.com it never was recieved. I suspect different email services are blocking and some will allow. What worked was when I used my @gmail.com
  8. BadBanana
    Thanks!  That worked - I used my gmail account and the email came through almost immediately.  Emails to Virgin, BT and my own domain hosted by 1and1 just disappeared into the ether.  One of those little mysteries, I guess.
  9. Hi-Fi'er

    Welcome. Took me a few days to figure it out too. LOL
  10. jellyjam
    Just bought the D over my S9... 
    Will post a comparison soon... 
    Meanwhile is there any good sites for 24bit music :)
  11. Barnebi
    Hi all, apologies in advance, beginner talking here. Definitely not an audiophile (yet), but do enjoy great audio. I'm about to switch from my S9 to the PD (after 5 good years).

    Now I'm looking for nice headphones to accompany the PD (beginner in the area of headphones as well). Ive decided to go over ear + closed can (since I'll use it in public spaces often).
    Only thing im not sure about is to go wireless or not. So my question is:
    1)do wireless headsets work with the PD since the machine does NOT support Bluetooth?
    2)if it does work, is it advisable to buy a wireless one, or will that sacrifice too much in terms of audio quality?
    Budget is flexible (between $200-$500).

    Kind regards
  12. amf14
    As it is, you can't use the PD with a BT iem or can (you can use a cable though but not though wireless signal). 
    You can probably try a BT transmitter with the PD but haven't tried it. 
  13. FraterOiram
    I don't know if there are any 24bit music choices on here but here's a cool site: http://www.fileflac.com/
  14. technobear

    Plenty on BandCamp: http://bandcamp.com/
  15. Atkamon
    Hey guys,

    Can you use the Plenue D as a USB DAC?
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