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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. apaar123
    I will be using a dac so its fine. I just want good sound quality. Do they have?
  2. apaar123
    Does it have a digital output?
  3. technobear

  4. apaar123
    So i cant connect my amp dac to it?
  5. Soundtrap

    Ups!  I celebrated too early. 200gb card is no go. A lot of messages " this file is unplayable" and ultimately after 2-3 songs player would just freeze - exactly the same behaviour as my Ibasso DX90. Total number of songs is 9870 of which 2/3 were on the card . No issues with 128gb card and total number of files is bellow 7000. Never mind then at least we tried. LOL!
  6. jellyjam
    Hmm, can you give more information comparing to S9/J3 
    I mean, soundstage, mids, trebles, bass, etc...
    Any little info/response is appreciated and makes my decison to update easier.
    Still it suprises me to hear that there's a considerable difference :)
  7. Vitor Valeri
    The sound is more fuller, soundstage is more larger.

    Bass are those who have more difference because the Cowon J3 have a problem in this frequency range (Search the frequency graph of the player, you will see).

    Treble gained more length and definition.

    Mids are good, but did not notice differences in this region.

    It has also the fact that the Plenue D has more output power and can better push the earphones.
  8. jellyjam
    Hmm, all these words and explanations make me wanna jump over from my still good working 6 years old S9 to Plenue D :)
    Hope it will worth it.
  9. Seler
    Hello there,
    I have a problem with my Plenue D. The battery status bar is broken - it shows full battery all the time with lightning icon on it. So just as if it was connected to the charger all the time. Other than that, it works fine. I tried restarts, firmware updates, etc - still the same problem. At first I also got the green LED showing all the time (I think it should be on only when the battery is fully charged) - after couple restarts it's gone. Any ideas? Sorry for my English. :)
    EDIT: green LED is back...
  10. Soundtrap

    Try to hard reset by holding VOL + and VOL - together for 20 sec. Then try to restart and if needed under system settings try to reset to factory defaults .
  11. Seler
    Tried that - didn't work.
  12. Jackpot77
    Could be a hardware fault with the USB slot - if the sensor that tells the CPU that current is coming in is faulty, it works explain the symptoms. Can you still charge the battery normally? The LED can be toggled on and off under the settings menu I believe.
  13. Seler
    It seems it works like it should - battery life is ok, led goes red when I plug the charger. I just can't see if battery is low or not.
  14. jellyjam
    Hi guys,
    with Cowon Plenue D;
    Headphone I plan to buy also is;

    Audio-Technica: ATH-R70x Reference Headphone.

    Need your opinions, do you think it could be a good match and can be used with full potential without any amplifier?
    Any information is appreciated.
  15. Seler

    As far as I remember R70x sound is warm so not sure if Plenue D is a good match. Also, it definitely needs an amp - Cowon doesn't have enough power to drive it.
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