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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. colombo4
    I have a micro sd sandisk 200gb.
    It does not recognize all files. I think it has at maximun file limit.
  2. HiFlight

    Are your missing files .wav or .flac? Albums or individual music files?
  3. colombo4

    Mising many complete albums ( flac and mp3)
    With sd 128gb, no problem.
    The cowon ( D2, J3...) usually have a limit of reading files.
  4. clee290
    There was a post about file limits here:
    A bit below that post is the translation.
    8000 files and 4000 folders for the internal memory
    16000 files and 8000 folders for the micro SD
  5. colombo4
  6. clee290

    Keep in mind, the limits are only for the database. The files should still be accessible through the file browser.
  7. colombo4

    Yes, the files are, but not play them.
    We are going to wait for other experiences.
  8. BruceBanner
    Are you sure? Other Cowon's can't do this, have checked.
    It was my understanding that Cowon file limits are both id3 library based as well as File/Folder browsing.
    My AP100 is capped far lower at 5800 total tracks (for id3tags), yet file/folder browse that limit is not imposed.
  9. ragnathin

    How far the sound quality is superior than cowon x9??
  10. ragnathin

    How far the sound quality is superior than cowon x9???
  11. shigzeo Contributor
    X9 RMAA scores and discussions about them (server no longer available) are available at https://hydrogenaud.io/index.php/topic,86066.0.html. They talk about a high-pass filter with single driver dynamic earphones, which should compound with balanced armatures and some multi-armature earphones. The results are not good. The Plenue D returns very good, but not top scores: RMAA: Cowon Plenue D 24-bit — ohm image. Now, whether your ears are sensitive to high-pass filters and the differences in the output between them is another question all together. I think it fair to say that among Cowon's portable, pocketable players, the Plenue D is the best-sounding player from an objective perspective. 
  12. cristobalroy
    Guys! is there a leather case included on the package? or I have to buy a separate one, I just order a  plenue D. Thanks.
  13. Raketen

    Not with mine. There's a Cowon case to buy, and supposedly a Dignis case coming sonon.
  14. Zerovalk
    No case for the Plenue D, sold separately
  15. jmills8
    Bought the PD many months ago and I take it with me to work which requires me to go to various schools and I have no case and no scratches.
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