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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. miniskipper
    just bought the Plenue D and have a question regarding playlist selection:
    Given the following directory structure, how to play only the music on the sd-card?
    I don't want to play music from internal memory or audio books.
      Audio Books
    If I select Playmode "ALL" and select any track (no matter if sdcard or internal memory) all tracks on the whole device are queued in the playlist.
    Playmode "Folder" only plays a single album.
    I don't even know, what Playmode "1" is for as this mode also plays one album.
  2. clee290
    I could be wrong. I thought I had read that in this thread, but might be mixing it up with another player. I don't have nearly enough songs to test it myself, unfortunately :p
  3. shigzeo Contributor

    I got pretty good scratches and dents from the first day, on which I dropped it twice onto a one year old pine floor. It hit a c-stand on the way down. Not super solidly built, but considering, somewhat robust.
  4. clee290
    Depends where you purchase it from. i bought mine directly from Cowon on Gmarket and it came the official case and a screen protector.

  5. jmills8
    well I guess in my case I havnt needed a case.
  6. colombo4

    If you take a file from a folder, after playing it, will continue playing all of that folder and its subfolders.

    Sd card
    Any file

    If you reproduce "any file", will continue to play all music folder.
  7. ragnathin
    For an audiophile player, Plenue D is compact and handsome. Its Korean edges are few, and less painful than the ones found in modern Astell&Kern devices. Its battery life appears to be pretty good (more on that later), but its interface is sluggish and its audio performance isn't notably better than a good smartphone. Specifically, its stereo signal is troublesome. But that form factor and the myriad audio adjustments for which Cowon are famous are truly tempting.

    Is the audio performance of pd is lower than a good smartphone? ?? Is this true??
    shigzeo likes this.
  8. Paulus XII
    How would you guys compare it to X3 I?
  9. Sulbh
    What dac is used in this?
  10. taffy2207
  11. Tokyoghoul
    The X3 sounds better than the D without EQ. But with EQ, the D is far more superior. The D has far less hiss, much better battery life and no overheating. Overall, I prefer the D.
  12. miniskipper
    Hello colombo4,
    this means I have to place ANY musicfile on the root of the Music-folder and play this file with Playmode "Folder"?
    Then I have to scroll to the bottom of the music folder every time :/  (because files are displayed after directories)
    I wish it was possible to long-press a folder and select something like "play this folder" or maybe even "add this folder to current playlist"
  13. HiFlight

    You can do something pretty close to what you want...when you find your desired folder, tap the menu (little squares) and then tap the star (favorites) It will then be entered into a playlist of your choice.
  14. miniskipper
    Hello HiFlight,
    I have tied that, already.
    Sadly, the favourites are capped at 1024 items :frowning2:
    Currently i have a 0-second dummy-mp3 at the root of the music- and audiobook-folders. When I play this file, all files and folders below are played when in playmode "Folder". Works OK, though i have to scroll to the bottom when searching the 0.mp3
  15. Paulus XII
    Interesting, thanks. I will have it tomorrow. Really curious to try this one out, also for the sake of review. That proves that Cowon EQ/BBE is far more efficient, which is no surprise for me based on previous experience with Cowon players.
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