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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. audio123

    get Pinnacle P1 + Fiio X1. Good combo
  2. joe75
    Depending on what you are after (Battery life,etc...)
    I would suggest you to try the Sennheiser wireless momentum BT (around 400 dollars) or the wired Momentum 2 and skip the cowon plenue D to  keep the Galaxy S5 (and buy a second samsung  batttery for it).
    I have a cowon D2 (as well as AK100.ii) and it would be a limited upgrade to pick the cowon plenue D.
    Cowon D2  sounds good enough and can play Hi Res audio too with Rockbox( but then very much shorter battery life).
  3. pat1984
    It would be much more helpful if you can tell us what kind of sound you are looking for (bass heavy, neutral, more high end etc.). Do you prefer IEM or headphones? Would you consider any other headphone or do you specifically want the momentum? I am sure others will be able to give much better answers once they know your preferences.
    I personally think that your headphones are the most important part of the sound chain, so first step of upgrade should be the headphone/IEM then the source.
  4. HiFlight
    Is the #2 Playlist labelled in Chinese on everyone's PD or does mine exhibit an anomaly?
  5. hypersonic
    nah it's just you
  6. HiFlight
    If that it so, how does one change the title of a playlist? I found contradictory suggestions on this earlier in the thread. I did reflash the v.1.10 firmware but to no avail, the mislabeled playlist is still present.
  7. hypersonic
    Go to "Favorite" tab, press the "4 little squares" button at the up right corner, you'll see the rename button (pencil on a folder)
  8. HiFlight

    THANKS MUCH! Once I figured out that I needed at least one song entry in the playlist, renaming as you suggested worked just fine! Also, one needs to tap the edit button BEFORE selecting a playlist to rename.
  9. oliverpool
    I am facing this issue as well.  Even from a number of files which has proper titles, artist and album.  Some does not show up in the artist section. While others seem to properly show up in the album section. Not sure whats going on. 
  10. HiFlight

    I have discovered that most of my .wav files ended up in one "Unknown" album. With my .flac files, all albums showed properly, both title and content.
  11. kageroh
    I've been using MediaMonkey for years now and I'm happy with it.
  12. rhdbsgk1
    Hey i just have a stupid question for my new plenue D
    I ordered the product from amazon through jetaudio
    When i received the actual box, it had a little crinkle on the corner and it was not plastic wrapped.  
    Did you guys have a similar experience?
    I'm just rally picky about these little things and i just wanted to make sure if i'm the only one getting faulty? product
  13. angelo898
    does it work?
  14. Raketen

    Ordered direct through their ebay, no plastic cling wrap, box was fine though- came in padded envelope IIRC.
  15. rhdbsgk1
    I mean it works obviously.
    I'm just curious why was mine in that condition when other ones that reviewers opened had all the wrappings around 
    I checked the firmware and it was 1.10 (current one) and I'm just wondering if this is a used one. 
    The protective film that was originally put on had many little scratches also. 
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