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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. audio123

    i dont understand korean...
  2. taffy2207
  3. audio123

    cheers! [​IMG]
  4. shigzeo Contributor
    37 hours so far on MP3 play back (earlier was lossy AAC) and well over 50% battery indication left.
  5. clee290

    Pretty good, and at what volume? I'm assuming 75 again to keep consistency?
  6. shigzeo Contributor

    Yes, 75. Still no load. If the battery life is so good that I can't get to basic reviewing, I'll cop out with roundabout figures minus my guesses. Or, I'll extrapolate drive scores from the AAC playback whilst under load and apply the maths to MP3. Not fair, but I can't spend 300 hours doing run-down tests. Great battery life.
  7. Poimandre
    Hey guys
    I've got a J3 that sadly seems to be nearing the end of days. I'll be travelling to Japan next Month, and the price in Japan is a good $100 AUD saving off the local price so I was strongly considering picking one up. Just a few questions:
    1) I should be able to change the language to English easily enough if I buy a Japanese unit right?
    2) Did we ever put to bed whether the output is more powerful than the J3? I use Beyer DT250 80ohms, and just a little more power than the J3 provided would be useful. I know that in terms of specs it should be, but someone earlier in the thread said it sounded about the same at max as the J3. Any insights would be appreciated!
    3) Any alternatives you guys would contemplate picking up in Japan?
    Really appreciate any help I can get here!
  8. marlin29311

    1. Not sure, but I would assume so. It's one of the first things you do when you boot up the first time.
    2. Power output is definitely stronger than the J3. I anecdotally can see that when I use my cans, I do not have to go as high as I did with the J3 (on the J3 I would be anywhere 35 to 40/40. On the D, I hit aax of 60/100). I believe someone else did the math and that the J3 put out 29mW and the D did something like 62.5mW.
    3. Not sure... I love my Plenue D!
  9. Poimandre

    Thanks for the reply... this is exactly what I needed to know in regards to output! Even though my J3 is still kicking on, I think I might treat myself and pick one up in Japan.
  10. Ghisy
    1/ Yes, it has a bunch of language options, English included.
    2/ It seems like it. Using the same IEMs (Audio Technica CKR10), I was around 18-20/40 on my J3 while I'm around 32/100 on the PD.
    3/ For that price? I don't think so? Although make sure to get it duty-free using your passport so you will save 8% (Japanese tax) on it. Most big retail stores do it.
  11. kageroh
    I am using it with a DT 770 250 ohm and it drives those lovely cans wonderfully.
    Also cheers from me to a fellow "my J3 died and I needed a new player" future Plenue D user ^^
  12. satansmutt
    If I bought the Cowon Plenue 1 would the sound quality be a significant increase over the Plenue D? There are some good deals on the Plenue 1 at the moment but even with the best deal it is still over £300 more.
    I would mostly use it as I move around the house so battery is not a major concern and my phones are the Zen 2, Asura 2, Havi B3 pro and Philips Fidelio L2 they are not absolute top of the range so would I even notice a difference in sound with these?
    By the time I have I have played around and adjusted jet effect bbe would would there be much difference in sound?
    Any opinions and help would be greatly appreciated thanks[​IMG]
  13. jmills8
    P1 sound is very good but so is the PD. P1 sould is slightly better while the PD has much better hrs of battery use ,its tiny and sounds better than the AK120II. I would get both :).
  14. QsTree

    Well, if you have the money --> go for both, you will love both. I have both. You will find pros and cons on both players.
    Sound wise I would not spend the £300 more. The sound of the P1 is slightly better but not significantly. You need very good hires material and also high quality headphones to hear a difference. Nevertheless there are a lot of other things were the P1 beat the PD. At least 2 times faster data transfer, 128GB vs 32GB, bigger & much sharper display, better UI + nice UCIs, playlists can be modified much better, faster boot up time and faster touch screen response, more detailed EQ, optical out (great feature), etc. etc.
    The really really bad thing about the P1 is the so weak battery run time < 8hours. This really annouys me more and more. Since I have the PD the P1 is gathering dust. I use it as static device on my Hi-Fi system. Everywhere else the PD.
  15. colcol53
    It is a very natural sounding dap
    Not clinical like the Ak j
    The good -battery life ,menue response ,size, eq ,drives 32 ohm headphons ok
    The bad - no line out /on digital out , the lather case only in blue ?!
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