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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. taffy2207
  2. shigzeo Contributor
  3. shigzeo Contributor

    The 'bad' entries apply equally to the AK Jr. 
  4. satansmutt
    Thanks for the replies, I think I will give the plenue D a shot, If there was a significant difference in sound I would happily pay the extra but I don't see the point of paying at least £300 extra for things I won't really use. I just want to plug in my earphones and play music, I don't need a line out or a large screen just so long as I can find a folder press play and start listening that's about as technical as it gets for me with daps. I've got an ibasso dx90 and while it's very detailed and all in all a very good dap I am finding it a bit flat and boring and want something with a bit more soul [​IMG]
  5. clee290
  6. shigzeo Contributor
    ~86 hours from full to dead on MP3 playback unloaded. I'll do one more test on AAC files loaded and extrapolate the difference. 
  7. Pacman123
    I received a brown case when I ordered mine, but it has blue stitching! :frowning2:
  8. Renetemp

    This are the things I am wondering about, maybe someone knows the answers:
    About the burn in time: It might be the case that the burn in time is not so much the DAP but instead our brains. When listening to sounds you never heard before your ears/brains must learn to distinguish from other sounds it heard in the past. Like learning a new language. At first you are not able to hear all kind of subtle differences, but over time you learn to distinguish and recognize the differences.
    The earphones are a big part of the experience and need to be able to (re)produce the nuances we (think to) hear. Maybe the earphones we use are simply not good enough to showcase the quality of the DAP.
    Another thing I am wondering is if the quality of the music is good enough to demonstrate the (perceived) better quality. I mean when I am listening to flacs I created from CD's, are those good enough to show the differences in quality between the better players.
    The DA conversion always introduces some noise(/distortion?) to the sound (compared to the original sound). Is it possible that the better quality DAP's make it possible to hear this noise, while for a less quality DAP this noise never reaches the output?

    So I am currently using RHA MA750 earphones. Are these good enough for the D? Or should I invest more money in the earphones?

    Thanks everyone for all the interesting points they make in this thread. I am going slowly through all of it and enjoy it tremendously.
    Regards Renetemp
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  9. Robinglasgow
    Since I got the plenue D, I have found myself bringing it and my rha ma750i's in to work and going for a walk at lunchtime just to listen to them. The rha's to me sound awesome with the D, but if you haven't got them already, I would recommend getting a pair of comply eartips for them. I have the tsx200s and they improve the isolation and sound quality so much.

    I love my oppo PM-3s, but I don't feel shortchanged when listening through my rha's. I just feel really happy to have got a pair of in ears and a pair of over ears that I am really happy with. I don't think you need to upgrade your rha's but do get some comply eartips, and make sure the rha's are properly run in- they need loads of burn in time.
  10. moonlightsmoker
  11. moonlightsmoker
    You might have told earlier, but could you please share some details about your config? (Headphone, volume level, mp3 resolution, eq setting - if any). I'm just curious as I cannot get more than 57 hours out of my Plenue D... Thanks.
  12. shigzeo Contributor
    I have said repeatedly: no load, volume 75. I will do a loaded test at slightly high listening levels later on with the only earphone I ever use to test: the Earsonics SM2.
  13. angelo898
    ive been using these together with the Q jays that i got on a review tour. The Q Jays rolled around the Plenue D fit in my typical IEM soft carrying case (its the fitear soft carrying case if you guys are wondering). AH FINALLY, FREEDOM FROM A BAG! I reckon I could fit a CIEM with the Plenue D into that soft carrying case as well since the bloody thing is tiny. 57 hours is already a gigantic upgrade from the 5 or so I used to get with the Calyx M so no complaints there. It is able to run the Shure 1540 with more authority than the X7 (IMO at least) so definitely no complaints there either. All in all, a great purchase. The only problem that I have is that the damn thing is a bit laggy
  14. sledgeharvy

    Yes, the RHA MA-750's are fantastic with the Plenue D.. I personally prefer a Bassier Sound signature, so I prefer the MA-600's while on the go, and the T10's when wanting to have more refinement. But like I said, I prefer a darker signature.. If you want a more neutral tone.. The 750's are the way to go.
  15. audio123

    can tell me whats so nice abt the ma750 haha so when i audition it again i can listen more carefully
    i dont like it personally...
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