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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. jmills8
    I use it 4 days a week and no case. I just keep it in my pocket.
  2. Ghisy
    Well, I don't like using my tech gear without cases so...
    I did buy a pouch in Japan, it's made for the AK 120 but fits the Plenue D well (it's taller but that's not a problem!). I also got a screen protector, not the official one but one made in Japan. Easy to apply and cheaper, it's matte (no glare!) and seems really good.
    The pouch is this one:
    I also tried the UCI posted on Cowon's website, it's really nice but I agree that the font is too small. I hope someone finds a way to adjust it!
  3. clee290
    The player is so small, you might be able to fit it inside old IEM cases too!
    Here is mine in a case that came with my Monster Turbines:
    Also fits in the pouch that came with my Vsonic IEMs, but it isn't as protective :p
  4. moonlightsmoker
    Right. It seems others were concerned about battery life too as I saw a few of us posted some results. I have too, while testing with the same 320kbps mp3 files on the same volume I usually listen to (14) on my IEM.
    With music on external microSD: 57:01:08
    With music on internal memory: 56:24:42
    Not sure how the claimed 100hrs for mp3 playtime can be achieved though. [​IMG]
    I'm going to note the actual playtime in the future, because I think that the sleep mode is not as effective as they say. (I think about 30-40% of my battery life is being eaten when in sleep.)
  5. marlin29311
    Sleep mode definitely eats battery way too fast.  I did not use my DAP for about 3 days and noticed that I lost nearly 1/2 of my battery life, not even using it!  I've turned it off for now.  Annoying as well, since I hate having to do the database update every time I turn the thing on.
  6. Pacman123
    Agree with Marlin. I initially had sleep on but thought it would eat through the battery. 
    The database update is pretty annoying so I only try to turn the PD off when I wont be using it for the rest of the day.
    It has been over a week of daily use for me and my battery is more than half full so I am happy
  7. moonlightsmoker
    Thanks, it seems my suspicion was right after all. I'll turn it off as well, hopefully a firmware update will improve it. :)
  8. Robinglasgow
    I've had this wee player for a couple of weeks now, and I'm loving it. I had the AK Jr previously, and absolutely loved the sound of it, but the UI was so frustrating - far too slow - and I thought the battery life was shocking. Why is 10 hours battery life considered acceptable all of a sudden? If Cowon can get 50 hours plus, why is 10 hours thought to be fine?
    Because it's not like this Plenue D is lacking elsewhere! I'll admit when I first started listening to it, I didn't think it sounded as good as the Jr, which was the the most impressive sounding player I'd heard. But having used it for a couple of weeks, I just love this thing. It is a warmer sound, but the detail is all there (that makes it sound like I think the warm sound is a bad thing - it's not. It's just different), and the soundstage can be just as wide if you want it to be. I love the EQ. I've been playing with it loads, and my Oppo PM-3's are sounding amazing. Just as amazing as they did with the Jr, if not more so. 
    For half the price of the Jr, you also get a much slicker UI. Anyone complaining of lag on the Plenue D obviously has not used the AK Jr. Everything took ages!!! This feels like an ipod by comparison - so quick and easy to use.
    This is everything I thought the AK Jr would be and more, for half the price. Love it.
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  9. gelocks
    Can't you change the Database update to be MANUAL instead of AUTOMATIC?!?!!
    I'm pretty sure my old Cowon's let me do that!
  10. QsTree
    Unfortunately you can't turn it to MANUAL. Even worse, I had the issue that despite the automatic update some cover pictures were not updated. It was necessary to start an manual update of the database via the settings menu. Maybe the automatic database scan can be deselected by an upcoming F/W update.
  11. Weaves

    Mine does.
    I played my24/96 album One for the Road (The Kinks).  It is a live album, and it plays completely gapless during the songs.  The way I can tell is there no stoppage of the audience sounds in between all of the songs.
  12. randomkorean
    Guys Plenue D's UCI is now open for public! 20160225_181050.jpg
    taffy2207 likes this.
  13. taffy2207
    It was posted here 6 days ago, it looks pretty enough but the size of the secondary fonts render it pointless IMHO.
  14. audio123
    where to get the uci [​IMG]
  15. taffy2207
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