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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. randomkorean

    Made (modified) one UCI with my taste. Is there anyone who wants to try this out?
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  2. audio123
    i like the high res audio symbol thr
  3. clee290

    Looks nice! What did you use to modify the skin? I used JPEXS(?) to open the SWF file and was able to see the images and stuff but didn't do any messing around yet.
  4. shigzeo Contributor

    In this highly subjective bubble of ours, it is probably best bet to forgo the opinions of others and 'trust' your own ears. Not that your ears are right, or wrong. But your tastes are priority. If they shift, they shift. Another person telling you why they like an earphone or amp, or other as reference to your opinion should be irrelevant. There are facts: what the earphone or amp or DAC is capable of; and there are preferences: what you make of any of it. And that last part should only be important to you. If I say earphone A is way wider than earphone B, but can't prove it, and promulgate that as fact, I'm in the wrong. If I ennoble another's subjective opinion above my own, the only disserviced party is myself (and those to whom I've shared the same wisdom). And where facts are scarce, opinions are plentiful, and always subjective. If I tell you an opinion about an earphone, you will take my status (or anyone's) at HF into account, or you will use that opinion as a bookmark that won't leave your brain as you next try the same piece of equipment with which you didn't previously agree.

    This hobby is subjective. We are free to like gear that isn't objectively better than other gear just as much as we are free to dislike it. But when we are being totally subjective anyway, why guard other's opinions? Why show them greater respect? Why respect them at all? In light of previous disagreement, I see no reason. If you 'missed' something before, chances are that when next you try it, you will notice it because you were told about it and it flooding your brain will create its own well, real or no, that can't be ignored. 

    Either trust your ears or trust what objective measures can be given.
  5. audio123

    true trust your own ears as we perceive sound differently like how some dont find the treble on 2000j hot while some find it hot!
  6. randomkorean

    I used adobe cs5 flash
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  7. Renetemp
    I have both the FIIO X5 and the Cowon Plenue D.
    Sound wise I like the both (as far as my ears can tell the quality is pretty good).
    What I like about the PD is the small size/weight and especially the long battery life.
    The FIIO X5 has some very good additional options like dedicated line out and Coax out, also you can use it as DAC (play music from your low quality phone), you can play music from any USB thumb drive. It has 2 micro-SD slots.
    On the downside it has bad battery life and it is big and heavy. But sound wise they deliver good sound as far as I can determine.
    I sometimes play music on my old trustworthy Sony MZ-NH1 (music in Sony Atrac format, but with highest bitrate (more than 350 Kbps)). I must say I like to listen to that machine. Somehow Sony does do things to the music that my ears like.
    I almost always use IEM's, I have Klipsch R6, Shure 215, Etymotic HF5 and the RHA MA750.
    I stopped using the Sure's after I had to return it twice because of a failing connector.
    The Etymotic I use often in noisy environments like the Metro. Otherwise I like to use the RHA's
    To determine the quality of players I like everyone listen to my favorite music.
    But I have 2 numbers that I use for special reason for this purpose. the first one is from Abdullah Ibrahim, from the album Cape Town Revisited, the track Someday Soon Sweet Samba.
    In this track a mix of several instruments is played and I listen especially if I can properly distinguish the bas (the instrument).
    Another song I use is from Sevara Nazarkhan, from the album Yol Bolsin, the track Gazli. This track has very soft "humming" sounds after about one and a half minute. The quality of those soft hums say a lot about the DAP/IEM's.
    Now I am curious what tracks other people use and what the look for in that track. 
  8. shigzeo Contributor
    Good commentary. One correction: you are not determining the quality of the player by listening to your favourite music. You are just listening to music. That said, the word 'quality' is a ridiculous one in the world of hifi, which usually has no objective definition. Usually, it just means: 'I like it more' and it can be neither foretold, nor in controlled tests, be repeated. It is 100% subjective. 

    So, you are determining which you prefer, not the quality of either. To determine the build quality of each, you subject each to hardware tests: resistive weight, case strength, flex, etc. To determine playback quality of each, you must compare them using analogous methods. If you use metres and weights to accurately determine when the case cracks when testing build quality, when determining playback quality, you must refer to testable methods. RMAA is the cheapest one. Square waves, sine tones (measured and mapped against reference tones through external hardware), oscillators (to test noise) etc., or even whole-hog audio analysers are the only way to determine playback and load-carrying quality. To determine gapless quality, you need to do the same: measure the space of time between the two tracks. If it can't be measured (on external equipment) there is no gap.

    Everything else is subjective interpretation of personally held beliefs about what sounds best. 
  9. Ghisy
    Did you update it to the latest 1.10 firmware? It helps! (although it's not quite as smooth as my Nexus 6 but hey, it's just a DAP!)
    Oh yes please share! This looks nicer than the stock one (and I'm a sucker for dark UCIs).
  10. Renetemp
    Yes I agree to your comment about quality (it is mentioned lots of times on Head-Fi I think).
    So the best I can do without an electronic laboratory is determine my (subjective) liking of the DAP/IEM's I own (that is why I mentioned the Sony MZ-NH1, it probably won't pass the "liking" of many people on this forum, but I like it).
    Thanks for the correction.
  11. Splutje
    Can any1 tell anything on the sound differences between the PLenue D and the Ibasso DX80?
    I loved my Cowon D2 until it died on me. After that i bought a Dx50, and after 1,5 years it started to have issues with the earphone jacket and i could return it under warranty: The DX80 was just coming out, so i bought that instead.
    The DX80 is great, but im wondering if the Plenue D would give me even more pleasure. I like the detail and dynamics, soundstage, bass of the Dx80, and with the JetEffect / Mach3Bass options on top of that, it would be marvellous. 
    I just bought a Headstage Arrow 5T amp(not yet received) , but im wondering if that stack of 600Euro could be replaced by a single Plenue D?
    Wins: battery life / portability  Cons: Only 1 microSD slot.
    I have a RHA MA750 iem and a Fidelio X2 over-ears. does it drive full size cans or would it benefit of an external amp?
    Thanks in advance.
  12. shigzeo Contributor

    I'm sorry to be so zealous, but I am daily contacted by people who have been misled by 'sound quality' arguments from established or voluble members here whose arguments fail to mention subjectivity. Semantics are hugely important. Now, back to the subject at hand. I listen to a lot of trance, EDM, hip hop, and Australian desert music - not to measure sound quality, but to enjoy the music. The Plenue D isn't to my ears as warm as the AK Jr but the differences are slim. 
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  13. Uncle E1
    +1.  sound is down to preference.  the player that works for me doesn't necessary works for you and visa versa.
    the other is ranting over expensive stuff being rip off.  each has their own valuation of worth.  stop the senseless debate.
  14. doublea71

    I bet you're a gas at parties.
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  15. randomkorean
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