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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. randomkorean
    Actually you can buy it in Korea. www.jglass.co.kr
  2. Renetemp
    Hi DanMUC,
    What artist/album?
  3. DanMUC
    Ok, well, you have something to discover...........the artist is a band from England, Pink Floyd and the album is Wish You Were Here.
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  4. georgelai57
    Hi. Can this read Exfat cards not formatted by the player? Thanks.
  5. clee290
    I sent an email to Dignis a little while ago asking if they will be making a case for the PD. Good news, they are!
    Here is a blog post about it (in Korean) dated back in January.
    A few photos of the prototype at that time:
    20160110_2.jpg 20160110_3.jpg
    So yea, here is an alternative to the official case. And the person who emailed me said they will be available for purchase in about 2 weeks (maybe).
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  6. hklink
    Ordered the Plenue D Gold yesterday. It will be delivered on Friday. Yeah! :)

    Does anyone know which types of playlists are supported and if they can be copied from and to the Plenue? I would like to edit my playlists on my pc and then copy them to the player.
  7. ballog
    Glad for you man ! This DAP reminds me of my beloved D2. A first impression will be much appreciated [​IMG] .
  8. hklink
    I own a D2+ which I like, except for the missing gapless playback. It has enough power to drive my Sennheiser HD25-II headphones (70 ohm). The PD should even have a bit more.

    I also own a Fiio X1 which has gapless playback and m3u playlist support, which I hope to find in the PD as well.
  9. preuk
    Looking good, better than the original case IMO.
  10. kageroh
    Much better indeed. Can't wait X3
  11. Pacman123
    Agree, the current case does not fit the PD properly I have a large area below the screen visible and the top is cut off so its tight to press the back button when I want to search through folders. 
    Tried to grind the case with a dremel but realized that was a bad idea pretty quickly.
  12. onRecord
    Cowons plenue d looks really promising. Better battery life, less weight and a stronger or more efficient battery drain than the fiio x3sg. It convinces me more and more.
    Q: How does the touch display feel? Is it slow or managable for quick swaps to other files? Difference between external and internal storage (speedwise)?
  13. HiFiChris Contributor
    Did you completely ruin the Plenue D case?
    At least that's what happened to me once when I thought that polishing a scratch out of a DVD with a Dremel would work out. And the real bugger was that it was an extremely rare automotive DVD I've been trying to get for many years with no luck (I even got in touch with the American manufacturer to ask whether I could somehow still get it from them, but they didn't have stocks anymore for sure). One day, I had massive luck, I spotted someone selling a bunch of Clive Owen DVDs on ebay, one of them being the automotive DVD I was looking for for many years - and I had the lucky bid, for less than ridiculously low €20 (iIrc)! When the package arrived, I threw away the other DVDs and took out my baby, seeing whether it was in good condition. It was, but there was a small scratch on the reading layer, so one chapter couldn't be played. I then learned the hard way that Dremels aren't made for polishing scratches out of DVDs. It was a really dumb idea of mine.
  14. Pacman123
    No its fine. I was using one of the sanding bits to shave down the top line of the case so the screen would be more visible. Initially I though everything was ok, but as I got alittle deeper, below the leather, I saw white start to appear from the structural part of the case. It looked like crap with a white line at the top of my case. So I tried some brown shoe polish I have on the white part and luckily it worked great and looks almost the same now. 
    Might be interested in that new case if its reasonably priced and better fit with the screen.
  15. shigzeo Contributor

    Better battery life? 40-50 hours at a minimum. Amazing.
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